Friday, June 30, 2017

Hello Beautiful Summer--Glossybox June 2017 Review Helps Get You Ready!

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Glossybox June 2017.jpeg
Tropical beauty is the theme for this June 2017 Glossybox.

We all want value in the beauty products we buy.  Until I received my first Glossybox, I had no idea of the tremendous assortment of premium brands that I got to try for a fraction of what they would normally run if purchased on their own.  This beauty subscription made an exciting addition for any addicted beauty lover like me.

Glossybox gives five luxury products from full to generous sample sizes of makeup, nail, skin and hair care to  tools, etc. for just $21 with free USA shipping. You also get a detailed sheet on each pick in the box as well.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How to Give Your Home a Delicious, Welcoming Fragrance When Vacuuming!

family room.jpeg
You'll love that delicious bakery aroma that will linger in your carpeting.

What can be more inviting than the scent of something delicious baking in your oven like apple pie when it wafts through the house?  Imagine treating your senses to that aroma as you run your vacuum cleaner over your carpeting as its scent permeates through the air. Therefore, let you share a cleaning tip that will help you turn the drudgery of vacuuming into something that will be more of a joy for you and your home.

What I suggest that you need to try is buying a bottle of cinnamon oil to add a drop or two to your vacuum cleaner’s bag.  This will infuse the carpeting with such a yummy  cinnamon aroma that will linger.
vacuum cleaner image.jpeg
Vacuuming can be more pleasant using this tip.

You might be confused because there are two types with the cinnamon leaf oil and the cinnamon bark oil. The bark version is more expensive and the most potent one due to its heavy cinnamaldehyde content (the substance that gives it that characteristic cinnamon scent) with nearly 75% compared to the leaf variety that may be just a fraction of cinnamaldehyde with about 10%.

The cheaper cinnamon leaf oil typically sells for around $6 while the bark oil version runs about $22.  

The cinnamon bark oil is the one that you might want to try if you have a lot of problems with muscle aches and pains with how it can heat the sore area up and relieve inflammation.   However, never apply it directly without mixing it with a carrier oil first or you risk developing a severe allergy.

Also, a drop of cinnamon bark oil in a beverage like tea or juice is said to also aid the immune system, fight off viruses and even help circulation.  I do advise checking with your physician first to see if this would be a benefit for you or possibly conflict with any medications that you may be on.

The next time you shop, I hope you remember to look out for cinnamon oil because it really freshens your rooms with a lasting bakery scent that you’ll love.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recipe: My Easy Quick Carrot Snack Cake Is Great When the Munchies Hit!

piece of carrot snack cake.jpeg
You never know when that sweet tooth needs satisfying.  My recipe can help!

If you read me regularly, then you know how much I hate long, drawn out recipes that keep me in the kitchen for more time than I feel necessary.  I also make it a point to avoid gourmet recipes that call for exotic ingredients that are hard to find where I might shop or be too expensive to pull an average dish together. The recipes that I share are always ones that are easy and won’t cripple your food budget at the same time while tasting great.  This is the Nuts 4 Stuff way because deliciousness shouldn’t mean that you have to wait, work too hard or over spend just to enjoy food like the recipe that I have for you today.

My Easy Quick Carrot Snack Cake has chopped walnuts, brown sugar, orange juice and the help of vanilla and lemon or lime extracts to elevate the flavor and take it slightly in a fresh direction.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet My Newest Obsession! --Majesty Diamonds Oval Green Peridot Gemstone Pendant Necklace Review

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peridot necklace in box.jpeg
You'll love the quality and how fast this company ships!

I do love exquisite jewelry. Therefore, I was tickled pink when Majesty Diamonds reached out because their stunning pieces already were calling to me once I started to browse.

Let me tell you, it was a hard decision trying to decide, which beautiful piece called to me the most.  They seem to have it all from fabulous diamond jewelry with gorgeous engagement and wedding ring sets that can send a heart fluttering such as their elegant designs whether it’s a classic solitaire, a striking three stone ring or one of their statement making black diamonds.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Beauty Box 5 June 2017 Review--Where Adventure Awaits!

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Beauty Box 5 June 2017.jpeg
This assortment is all about beauty for summer fun!

Adventure awaits is the theme behind Beauty Box 5's June 2017 box.  Inside, I found four makeup items along with a hair tie set for pulling an easy, relaxed summer look for enjoying summer fun.

Beauty Box 5 sends a box with five full and sample size makeup, hair and skin care, nail polish, beauty tools and fragrances each month.  The cost is $12.00 per month with  free shipping in the USA, but $3.00 more if you are in Canada.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Dirty Truth About Facial Cleansers You May Be Unaware of!

Clinique foaming soap tube.jpeg
How much do you trust your favorite type of cleanser for purging those pores of ALL unwanted grime? 

We all have our own favorite type of facial cleanser whether it is the convenience of face or makeup wipes, a creamy cleanser, oil cleanser or a foaming one from plain soap to a cleanser that rinses off with water.  Yet, do you know how well that particular preference of yours is cleaning everything off?  

For instance, makeup wipes are fantastic when you’re exhausted and need the quickest way to remove a face load of products in one step.  The only problem is that you’re not really purging your pores of all traces of makeup and those cleanser ingredients that could be lingering on your face, despite what you see on that used wipe.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Say Farewell to Those Ghostly Pale Legs--Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (Light Glow) Review!

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airbrush legs.jpeg
This leg makeup comes in six shades.

Summer has officially declared itself finally with warm enough weather to pull out the shorts.  The only problem I had was how unsightly white legs looked after gazing at my reflection in our full-length mirror. Since I didn’t want to draw attention to that frightening prospect, I thought one of those quick spray-on tans like Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs might be just the thing to get them by until getting some genuine sun.  

Though this makeup type tanning product has been around for quite a while, this was my first time experimenting with it.  To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure how well a leg makeup would work or if it would even last without melting or staining clothes.  

Before I began, I exfoliated my legs first with a sugar scrub to make the surface smooth for the product to adhere.  I do advise that step to guarantee the best results from any self-tanning product.  After spraying a wad into the palm of my hand, I started from the feet and hurried rubbing the product in as evenly as I could, working my way up the leg before it dried.  

If you’re not quick enough, it will look streaky so remember that you’re on the clock and rub, rub, rub.  When you run out of your current load, wash your hands before getting a fresh application because it can look spotty in places if you don’t.

It was very simple to use and gave just enough natural sunny color that didn’t leave its mark on my shorts.  I wouldn’t want to use it every day as a substitute for stockings, but it is handy when you can’t afford to have those legs looking like they belong to a corpse.

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs yet?  Check it out!

Friday, June 23, 2017

How to Prepare Your Home to Keep It Safe Before That Summer Vacation!

This post could help keep your home safer.

You’re probably dreaming of that long, awaited summer vacation that will be coming up before you know it. After all, you planned every last detail to make it perfect.  All you have left to do is just to up pick your suitcase, jump in the car and board that plane, train or drive with nothing left to do but relax.  Before you leave, you might want to think about taking a few extra precautions to safeguard your home from break-ins first.

 A dark house without any lights on is a clue that no one is home.  Instead, make sure some lights in your house come on automatically by picking up a timer to set them to.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to Choose the Ideal Mascara Brush for Your Needs

mascara brushes.jpeg
Your brush matters!

Formula is the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about mascara.  Yet, the brush inside that product is just as important if you want to get the most bang for your buck for what look you’re hoping to achieve.  Therefore, here are some simple tips to know what each type of brush will do for your beauty.

A comb-like wand usually is what you want for the most natural look. This particular shape can also come to your rescue when lashes tend to stick together.

On that same note, a long, skinnier brush is the best one for doing bottom lashes over the bigger, bulkier brushes. It also can be helpful for lengthening if the bristles are evenly spaced.

The curved variety brush that rounds a bit is great for lifting and maximizing short lashes.

If you are searching for a brush that will give you bold eyes, then look for a jumbo-size brush for loading up mascara for the most intense black gaze.

Then again, there is the hourglass shaped brush that can do wonders to widen your eyes with how the mascara is deposited from the unique design of its inner and outer corners. 

A tapered brush is perfect for lengthening and doing those ultra fine lashes in the inner corners of the eye.

Something else to keep in mind is the difference between plastic and nylon brushes, which both have good and bad points.  Plastic doesn’t deliver the same amount of mascara as nylon and can take more swipes to build up the coverage, but can be more subtle while still lengthening and separating.  On the other hand, nylon can boost lash volume more easily, but can at times be harder for separating lashes. 

Whichever is your preference, just know with the right formula mascara and brush, your eyes will look sensational!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Need Some DIY Deer Repellant to Help Protect Your Garden Before Their Next Raid?

deer with open mouth.jpeg
This one looks ready either to laugh or attempt talking when she sees me.  

Not so long ago, I could plant a small garden with tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. and be able to harvest what I grew.  These days it is becoming increasingly harder to keep all our local wildlife out of our yard here in the suburbs.   

It used to be mostly the groundhog that gave me the most trouble.  I swear that my place was their local capital because there were plenty of different shapes, sizes and even coloring that would congregate for an eating frenzy at the same time before I used to run to scare them away.  You would think that seeing an angry woman scolding them loudly waving a broom would be enough to do the trick.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to Stop Buying Jeans That Don’t Keep Their Shape!

tight jeans.jpeg
If you want to make sure that new pair keeps that same fit, this tip can help.

Don’t you hate when after trying on what feels like a million pairs of jeans to find that perfect one only to later discover it was an expensive mistake?  Those formerly flattering jeans that once showed off your figure to its most shapely advantage now lost their shape after laundering.  Therefore, it’s important to look beyond that initial love of yourself in those jeans and think of the material before parting with your money.

Do yourself a favor and remember to look at the label.  A pair that has 70 percent cotton to 30 percent of polyester will stretch a bit and pack you in like a moveable girdle.  On the other hand, you’ll be in for more disappointment if you pick up a pair that has 98 percent cotton because it will lose that great fitting shape and stretch out.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Why Your Choice of Brush Matters When Blow-Drying!

round brush and comb.jpeg
If you value the condition of your hair, use the right brush when exposing it to heat!

Before you blow-dry again, you may want to examine the brush that you are about to put in your hair.  I happen to use round brushes with ceramic cores to minimize heat damage.  However, if you use just a regular round brush that has a metal base, then you could be making your hair suffer, especially if you forget to apply a protective thermal serum.

Due to that metal core, the heat alone intensifies enough to fry the hair.  Besides risking your hair to that frightening possibility, the bristles of typical metal round brushes are usually sharper to cut up hair at the cuticle.

A better alternative is to play it safe with one designed specifically for blow-drying.  It could have a ceramic, wood or cork core.  Boar or soft synthetic bristles are also preferable when making a selection being less likely to tear up hair that is more vulnerable when damp.

Changing that metal brush for a safer version definitely helps make keep hair stronger and healthier!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are You Sure That You’re Really Doing All You Can to Protect Your Skin From the Sun?

woman with hat at the beach.jpeg
This beauty goes a step further to protect her skin from the sun by wearing a hat.

Despite all the advanced formulas of sunscreen and higher grades of protection that cover UVA and UVB light that we use, why is it the skin cancer in America seems to be on the rise?  The reasons are many from our obsession with how great a deep tan looks to just simply using our sunscreens in the wrong way.  

For instance, how many of us just open the bottle, tube or spray on what we believe is enough to sufficiently coat the skin when we are in reality leaving our skin vulnerable? One ounce or half a shot glass is what is recommended, but who takes a shot glass with them when you need to reapply somewhere?  You can compare that to a generous quarter size dollop of sunscreen lotion per each body part that needs to be rubbed in thoroughly.  Sprays need enough to make sure that the liquid is gleaming once you finish rubbing. If you prefer a stick, you need to go over each body part using a back and forth motion at least twice to keep your skin safe.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Don’t Be Pushed Around by the Phone and Cable Companies When You Can Negotiate!

ipad and keyboard.jpeg
Don't pay more than you have to for telecom services.

Did you get a new bill from the cable or phone company that’s suddenly higher?  Well this is the game that business plays anymore.  They think we will blindly accept whatever price our new bill might be.

I just went through this.  I go through it every year.  Can’t they make our lives easier and just set a price and say here’s what you have to pay for your current plan?  In Europe you actually get faster internet at much cheaper rates.  They had gigabit internet years before Google Fiber too.  

When you call the company and they can’t give you a better deal you have to tell them you are ready to walk away from their ‘deal’.  They assume that customers like to haggle and find pricing phone, cable and internet service in annual ‘promotional’ rates as an incentive to get us to buy extra services that we don’t want. Instead, what you need to do is ask for a  “retention specialist” or the “customer solutions department.” 

Ask specifically for that type of person whose job is to keep you as a customer. Shop around with real deals from their competitors and have facts ready on hand  to share with them. You should be prepared to leave the company, but you also may negotiate a lower price.  

It’s unfortunate that they put us through this.  But they all do it to us!  

I called and managed to get them to keep me as a customer.  It just took raising my blood pressure a bit, not being rude, I just stood my ground.  Perhaps, if we all did then the phone and cable companies would get tired of playing this game.  After all, competition is a two-way street.

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Relieve Extremely Dry, Scaly Skin Instead of Changing One Body Moisturizer After the Next!

pretty legs.jpeg
Once you learn how easy it might be to cure that dry skin problem, you'll kick up your soft, smooth legs in happiness! 

I always make it a habit to moisturize immediately after a bath or shower while my skin is still damp.  This is the ideal time for the best absorption to seal in moisture.  However, if you found that you constantly need to switch from one body lotion, cream, milk or souffle because they weren’t relieving that very dry skin problem, then I have a suggestion for a way to remedy that.

A body moisturizer can only do so much for extremely dry skin that has become scaly and itchy, despite how high the price.  Thus, it is useless to keep buying a new product after the next.  Instead, what you need to do is to fix the problem at the source so whatever body moisturizer you intend to use will be able to break through that mass of dead skin to work.

Therefore, your best course of action is an exfoliating body scrub that sloughs off old, dead cells first before following up with that body moisturizer.  In fact, don’t be surprised at how well your current or older tubes or jars may work once you smooth the way for them to get access to your skin again.

A great one to try really is Look deVine Chablis Grapeseed Scrub and their Chablis Souffle, which I have used faithfully ever since it arrived for my earlier review with how that resveratrol formula works.  If nothing has been helping, these organic products may do the trick for you and you can get free shipping now until June 30 using my coupon code, nuts4stuff at checkout!  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription--2017 Screaming Mimi Award Winners Box Review

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screaming mimi box.jpeg
There is a lot of combustible flavor excitement in this special collection Fuego Box!

If you are addicted to hot and spicy flavors, now is the time to open your seasoned taste buds to Fuego Box’s Screaming Mimi trio of 2017 hot sauce champions–-that is, if you’re up to the challenge from this hot sauce subscription box.  

To start your screaming journey to deliciousness, there is the Dirty Dicks Hot Pepper Sauce to enjoy.  This one was the 2017 Grand Champion from the Screaming Mimi event in NYC Hot Sauce Expo.  The taste of this tropical spicy fire erupts quickly from this artful blend of habanero peppers, fruits and spices and was a perfect compliment to my scrambled eggs this morning. This one is suitable for chicken, sandwiches, burgers or adding to your recipes.  

The sauce that won first place in the Jalapeno category was Hellfire Gourmet Green  Hot Sauce.  This used Granny Smith apples, garlic, lime, scallions and spices to bring more to jalapeno peppers and wicked Carolina Reaper peppers.  All I can say is yum!  I sampled some on my burger, but this will be good on a lot of things.  Next, I am going to use some in my salad.

Last, but not least, is the 2017 Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Inductee of Gator Hammock Gator Sauce.  This blasts wicked heat through a secret blend of spices to pack a lot of flavor and yet without an excessive burn that will make you run for a glass of milk.    I consider this sauce versatile to use with eggs, fish, chicken or sandwiches.  It’s just up to you to explore.

The cost for a Fuego Box  is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  You also get an informational card about the sauces and recommended foods to go along with each sauce.

Trust me, you can’t find sauces like this in your typical grocery store because these hot sauces from Fuego Box come from all over the country. Check this hot sauce subscription out and dive into your wild side!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

**WIN**Look deVine Wine Inspired HUGE Lip Products and Body Pampering Skin Care ($232) Giveaway! (2 Winners!)–Ends July 1, 2017

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Look deVine giveaway products.jpeg
Here are the beauty treats will make you smile once you try them.

I recently introduced you to the healthy beautifying effects of wine inspired lip products and soap thanks to Look deVine and their wonderful line of lip shimmers, lip shines and all natural skin care products with resveratrol, grape seed oil and red wine antioxidants for skin loveliness as well as restoration.   With the impression this company made, I thought it was only fitting that I share more of their fabulous products with you in an even bigger review/giveaway.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pereg Natural Foods Kaniwa Baby Quinoa, Freekeh With Vegetables, Teff Ivory Porridge, and Farro Super Food Review

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4 boxes of grains.jpeg
Expand your eating universe by introducing different healthy grains into your diet.

Ancient grains are becoming increasingly popular the more that people are trying to stay healthy.  To be truthful, I have never sampled these types of grains before until Pereg Natural Foods sent me a box of these products.

The first one I prepared was the Teff Ivory Porridge.  According to the package instruction, this box serves two–-maybe giants but hardly the same serving size compared to one of our standbys of oatmeal for breakfast.  Serving four is more realistic.

This Teff Porridge is a beige-brown color that reminds me somewhat of cream of wheat, but thicker.  We added a little sugar and milk.  We found it more filling than cream of wheat as well.

The Freekeh with Vegetables has a rice like grain with a barley sort of chewy texture to it.  It was accompanied by a mix of various vegetables such as carrots, peppers, onions along with spices and herbs. This made a great change of pace for a side dish.

The Farro Superfood is from the wheat family and sort of reminds me of wild rice.  It also made a tasty, healthy side dish with all the protein, fiber, magnesium and iron.

Lastly, there was Kaniwa Baby Quinoa with all its proteins and amino acids.  I wasn’t exactly sure how best to make this dark reddish-brown ancient grain.  After preparing it as directed, I improvised after my initial taste.  I added some Parmesan cheese, a little butter and some salt to help it along.  It has a fine texture with some crunch that at times can be a bit gritty.  This is just my opinion, but I can understand why it became an ancient grain.

If you’re looking to improve your diet with some new, healthier grains, Pereg Natural Foods is a good place to start your new food journey. My favorites were the Freekeh with Vegetables, Teff Porridge and the Farro Super Food.  Check them out.

Monday, June 12, 2017

How to Better Judge Whether a Powerful Anti-Aging Product Is Working Or Irritating Your Skin!

anti-aging skin care.jpeg
Be skin care savvy when it comes to how exactly that anti-aging product is working!

We all know that many potent anti-aging ingredients that help cell turnover such as retinol, alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids and vitamin C to name just a few are ones that can redden or be somewhat drying for a complexion.  Naturally, you might assume this is just the way this type of strong skin care acts to repair and make those beautiful improvements to our skin.

Of course, you are not mistaken to expect those signs when using those types of products.  However, the degree of that redness and the amount of irritation could indicate an allergy causing those skin changes, which is hardly beneficial to you.  Therefore, you might want to try this little test that you do just as you would before using at home hair coloring products to see if you’re allergic to it.

Wash and dry the inner part of the arm between the wrist and elbow where the veins are before rubbing on some of that particular product in that area. If you feel it strongly there with burning, itching or sudden redness, then chances are that you are experiencing an allergy to that product.  Immediately clean it off and stop using it.  

On the other hand, you might want to try the advice that my allergist once told me. If you don’t notice anything happening, try using a moisturizer first and letting it dry completely before using a light coat just to skim the face every other day.  The moisturizer helps stop rapid absorption of those questionable ingredients so you evaluate your skin's reaction.  

Still, your face may be red and irritated even with diluted levels of that product.  This means you are definitely allergic and need to stop using it because it is not good for you.  

This post wasn’t meant to alarm, but make you aware that allergies can and do happen.  They can pop up even when you had no problems in the past when using the same product so keep this mind and be safe because redness, itching and swelling are far from beautiful! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blemish Cover Up Tricks That Won’t Leave You in the Lurch!

woman with flying hair.jpeg
This beauty was sadly contemplating what to do about this problem until she found this helpful concealing tip.

Have you ever noticed that blemishes always seem to pop up when you have something important planned? Maybe it is the stress or anxiety of the event that influences hormones to do this nastiness to our faces. I just know it is really upsetting when you need to look your absolute best and that blemish spoils it.

In an earlier post, I shared what I used to do for concealing when this problem would happen to me. However, I forgot to mention something important that can also help better cover up that fresh pimple.

If you were the habit of priming first before concealing, then you may want to stop using that primer in the area when your face is under blemish attack.  The reason you may to avoid facial primer near that spot when you have a fresh blemish is that quite a few are silicone-based, which can clog pores to infect it and make matters worse.  

Instead, try switching out that facial primer for eye primer at this time before proceeding with your thicker textured concealer or one with salicylic acid if you break out a lot.  Since the eye primers are formulated for that delicate skin of the eye area, the ingredients are less likely to be comedogenic to clog the pores.

Another way to keep eyes off of that problem area is to divert their attention elsewhere.  Playing up your eyes with color or some smoky boldness and lots of mascara will force their eyes upward away from that blemish.

I honestly hope your face remains clear, but we’ve all been there.  At least now, these cover up tricks do help so keep these makeup tips in mind.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Recipe: My Country Cabbage Casserole Makes a Quick and Healthy Light Meal!

Country Cabbage Casserole.jpeg
Tumeric gives this dish a beautiful deep yellow color.

This is the time of year when cabbage is very reasonable so I made this recipe that I’m about to share with you.  My Country Cabbage Casserole has plenty of finely chopped onions and chopped cabbage browning to provide a wonderful subtle sweetness to offset the cottage cheese and curry-like turmeric, salt, pepper and sugar before meeting with the macaroni, giving it a unique taste that we love here.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Unintentional Mistakes That You May Be Making to Hamper Your Weight Loss Efforts!

apple with measuring tape.jpeg
Are you helping or hindering your weight loss efforts? 

I always had a great appreciation for delicious food.  Unfortunately that love can sneak up on you and add unwanted pounds to the body.  If you are also guilty of overly enjoying food and want your body back, then you know what follows next with the cycle of dieting and exercise.  However, if you’ve been losing this weight loss battle more than winning, then you could be unintentionally sabotaging yourself because of what you assumed was true.

While it is true that drastically cutting calories does seem to initially help you weigh less when you jump on the scale, attempting this form of dieting also backfires in time.  In the world we live, temptation is all around us. Constantly denying yourself something you crave eventually sets in.  Your willpower breaks, only resulting in you eating more, perhaps even to make up for all you missed. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Some Simple Changes in Your Daily Routine That Can Help Make You Healthier!

smiley face among sad faces.jpeg
It's easier to be happy when you're healthier.

Regardless of all our good intentions, we always don’t act in our body’s best interests.  We can eat wrong and make bad food choices, miss sleep, shrug off exercise and let stress often consume us.  After all, we are only human and can only try our best.  Sometimes it feels impossible to make healthy changes in our lives, but often it seems more doable when you start with small goals.

For instance, drinking that six to eight glasses of water a day that is recommended as what your body needs is hard for a lot of people.  For a devout coffee, tea or soda drinker, this can be difficult. Therefore, you might find it easier to substitute one glass of water when you have the urge for a soda, tea or coffee break a day. In time, you could always try replacing two cups of coffee, tea or a soda for two glasses of water and so forth. If not, one glass of water is still an improvement over your normal beverage.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to Better Conquer Clutter Before It Takes Over Your Life!

frustrated woman.jpeg
This beauty could use less stress and these tips can help.

Accumulating things is so easy to do.  I know first hand being a blogger.  Before you realize it, our stuff can begin to take over our homes.  If you want to maintain your sanity, then you need a plan to tackle the problem with a few tips to better organize and end the chaos.

Every week, I like to begin sorting through newspapers, correspondence, magazines, and circulars instead of allowing these to pile up.  Paper stuff can be your worst enemy because it can quickly accumulate if you don’t get a handle on it right away.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tweak Your Nighttime Beauty Ritual for a Better Complexion!

young woman with beautiful skin.jpeg
This beauty listens intently to keep her perfect complexion thriving.  

When you’re tired after a long day at work, your first impulse may be to bathe or shower and quickly remove all your makeup then slapping on your eye cream, serum and/or night cream before plopping your exhausted body on that comfortable bed. If so, you are not alone because I used to do the same thing like countless others. Though we might have believed we were making a great effort for our complexions, the truth is not entirely. This was only minimally helping our skin, not optimally as we had assumed.  Therefore, you might want to tweak your current nighttime beauty ritual with some small changes to boost product power for vastly improved skin care results!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette Review

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Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette and box.jpeg
If you like spicy fragrances, you'll love the beautiful twists this scent takes.

A fragrance that you could never tire of easily is Molton Brown’s Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette.  It is a heady, yet sophisticated, spicy scent that has an intriguing mix of notes that lure you in almost from the start with its sultry magic.

Fiery Pink Pepper box.jpeg
Fiery Pink Pepper EDT retails for $65.
You can detect freshness mingling with light rosy spice and incense as this fragrance opens due to its top notes of pink pepper, tangerine and elemi oil.  What occurs is an aromatic spicy blend that evolves into a fragrance more mysterious as it warms in the heart with its notes of nutmeg and ginger oil. By the time it winds down in the base, this fragrance becomes softer and more alluring tempered by the patchouli and cedarwood oil to make this a scent that you’ll want to wear forever.

As you might guess, I loved this fragrance because it was complex, romantic and sexy as it imprints itself on your senses.  

If you like spicy scents, then visit Molton Brown and check out Fiery Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette ($65) and experience its wonders yourself.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Recipe: My Molasses Cake Is Deliciously Different With a Spicy, Nip That You'll Love!

Molasses Cake.jpeg
This is a rich, fragrant snack cake with something extra!

If you love spice cakes and want to try one that is dark, rich and bursting with flavor that has an extra spicy kick, then you need to try this family pleasing sheet cake of mine. My recipe won’t keep you stationed in the kitchen all that long either or going through countless steps to turn out one cake.  It is not my style.  I like simple, easy recipes that also need to taste great like this favorite of ours.   

My Molasses Cake hardly takes much work and stays moist with the help of some plumped raisins and added goodness of chopped nuts, if you have some on hand.  With ample molasses, brown sugar, plenty of fragrant spices and mapleline flavoring besides coffee to plump up the raisins, the taste is just incredible.

My Molasses Cake

3-1/2 cups of sifted flour
2 cups of brown sugar, firmly packed (light or dark)
1 cup of molasses, (light or dark) 
2 cups of freshly brewed strong coffee
3 large eggs
2 teaspoons of baking soda, leveled
2-1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
1-1/2 cups of raisins
1 cup of chopped nuts (if desired)
1 teaspoon of mapleline flavoring
2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons of ground cloves
1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
½ teaspoons of black pepper
3/4 cup of corn or canola oil

Plump your raisins in the hot coffee first.  While they are soaking for a few minutes, get a mixing bowl and add the brown sugar, molasses and eggs at a time and beat through until incorporated before alternating with dry ingredients, egg mixture, oil, and the coffee plumped raisins and remaining ingredients.  

Grease a 13" x 9" pan and bake in a 350-degree oven for about 35-40 minutes, depending on how your oven is regulated.  Test with a toothpick or slender knife to see if anything sticks.

Frost with your favorite white or maple flavored icing.


Friday, June 2, 2017

**WIN**Eattiamo March 2017 Italian Food Subscription Box Review + ($69) Giveaway!–Ends June 19, 2017

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Eattiamo March 2017 box.jpeg
You get all the fixings for a complete Italian meal in each box.

One of the great pleasures of life is enjoying fine food.  Nothing captures the unique taste of Italy better than with Eattiamo, the Italian Food Subscription Box direct from Italy, where the curators share this passion of authentic taste from specific regions of their country in each new monthly assortment.

Every box has seven full size artisan food products carefully selected from across Italy along with recipes and details about the producers to help prepare a complete dinner for four.  You can order one month at a time for just $69 with free shipping or save more with a longer commitment such as $59 for a three-month subscription or $54 for a six-month subscription.   If you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription anytime and there is even a money back guarantee.  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream Review

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**

Tula day & night cream.jpeg
Regardless of complexion type, this cream won't weight your skin down.

I’m hardly a raving beauty, but my complexion is something that I do get compliments over.  Yes, it’s true that genetics does play a part, but that's not all of it.  Another reason I have beautiful skin is that I don’t neglect it. I never wear my makeup to bed despite how tired I may be or skip nourishing it with quality skin care products such as one I tried lately from Tula with their Hydrating Day & Night Cream.

This is a rich, silky feeling cream that has a lovely feel and plenty of excellent ingredients to keep a complexion thriving.  For one, it has rice nutripeptides and vitamin A for cell renewal and collagen synthesis. It also has protective antioxidants like vitamin E and camelina sativa seed oil to help with anti-aging and environmental damage to name just a few of the ingredients.  What else makes it stand out is the fact that this formula has probiotic technology to guard against bacteria and balance the skin’s pH levels.

Just as promising to me was that this product was free of sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, petrolatum, and mineral oil that could possibly jeopardize health.

As to the product, I loved how one jar could be both day and night cream.  It absorbed easily without making my skin feel irritated or burdened with grease or any sticky residue since when it sinks in it almost feels more like a gel than a typical cream.  

My dry complexion just felt wonderfully moisturized and so soft while making little lines look less visible.  I only started using this for about two weeks now, but I got to tell you my skin is already brighter and on its way to looking even better.

If you haven’t tried Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream ($52), I do think this formula would be great for any complexion.  Check it out because I’m confident that you’ll love it too!