Monday, July 31, 2017

Benevolent Monthly VIP Beauty Box July 2017 Review + Mystery Box ($150) Giveaway–Ends August 18, 2017

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Benevolent Monthly VIP Beauty Box July 2017.jpeg
Benevolent Monthly VIP Beauty July 2017 Box has five full size products!

Ethically minded beauties that are trying to make a difference by sticking to cosmetics, skin and hair care to nail products without harming animals in testing of those products would love Benevolent Beauty Box.  It is a cruelty-free beauty subscription that will put your mind at rest while sending you only wonderful, full-size beauty items that make you look sensational and feel good about how they were manufactured. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Lingerie Box Review July 2017–Quality, Designer Lingerie That Can Make You Feel Amazing

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filled lingerie box.jpeg
You'll love your shape more after their experts determine your customized fit.

The easiest way to feel sexy from head to toe involves quality, sexy lingerie. Great fitting intimates can boost a woman’s confidence just from the perfect fit that flatters her body like no other is all it takes to make her irresistible.  This amazing feeling is exactly what you can expect from items hand-picked by the experienced lingerie experts from The Lingerie Box when ordering from this designer lingerie subscription box.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Recipe: My Clove Cake Is a Delicious Change of Pace From Ordinary Spice Cake!

piece of clove cake near sofa.jpeg
My recipe makes a wonderful sheet cake!

I will not deny it, but I do love my sweets, especially a great cake.  Today, I want a share a really good sort of spice cake recipe that just has cloves and vanilla instead of the usual cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger that you might find in typical spice cakes.  This sole spice along with vanilla gives this cake a  beige-brown color as well as a unique flavor not quite like spice cake, but definitely one that you’ll want to make over and over again once you give it a taste.

Topped with your favorite vanilla butter cream frosting, this is a moist cake that also keeps quite well.

Give it a try when you get a chance because I think you’ll love it once you taste it.  

My Clove Cake

1 cup of butter, softened
2 cups of sugar
4 large eggs
3 cups of sifted flour
3 teaspoons of baking powder, leveled
½ teaspoon of salt
1 cup of milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon of ground cloves

Cream the butter with the sugar until thoroughly mixed.

Add the eggs to the creamed sugar mixture and beat with your electric mixer, one at a time until incorporated.

Next, sift the dry ingredients together and alternate with the milk and vanilla until finishing with the milk and all ingredients are added.

Grease a 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan and bake in a 350-degree oven for about  40-45 minutes, depending on how your oven is regulated.  Test with a toothpick, cake tester or slender knife to see if anything sticks.

Cool thoroughly before frosting with your favorite butter cream frosting.


Friday, July 28, 2017

How to Offset a Red Face After Getting Too Much Sun!

sleeping woman with sunburned face.jpeg
The sun can be merciless for any beauty.

No one intentionally plans to get so much sun that results in a red face, but it happens.  Perhaps, you fell asleep lounging outside while the sun was going strong.  Then again, maybe you were having so much fun playing outdoors that you forgot to keep up with your sunscreen applications. I could go on, but the damage is done. Yet, you still need to go to work, only how you wonder with so much red color in your face?

Regardless of your skin tone, the best way to solve this excessive redness is turning to a warm-toned foundation.  A color with some gold will help subdue the red and balance that baked color of your face. Steer away from shades lighter than your current coloring or you will look strange and pale instead of evening that redness out.

If you are normally cool-toned, I suggest stopping by the drug store for less expensive golden foundation as a temporary fix until your complexion lightens up.  

Hopefully, you won’t suffer this summer fate.  Still, if it happens, then at least you’ll know how to compensate through makeup to deal with your red, sunburned face.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipsticks (The Plot Thickens, Irreverence), Sheer Lipstick (Perfume of His Gaze) and Long-Lasting Lip Pencil (Roald) Review + Swatches!

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modeling Perfume of His Gaze lipstick.jpeg
Here I'm modeling Perfume of His Gaze Sheer Lipstick.

Summer is when we  take a break from too intense lip color and switch to lighter shades that can go well with our tans.  Therefore, I want to show you some beautiful lipsticks and liner choices from luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, that can work some magic, especially this time of year to bring out your beauty.

The Colour Burst Lipsticks ($29) glide, depositing conditioning moisture from their special plant-based ingredient, Volulip and shea butter in a formula without parabens, which is nice to know when dryness can be a problem in some brands.  

Irreverence lipstick.jpeg
This is the shade of Irreverence.

Irreverence is described on the company’s website as creamy natural rosy-pink.  Some pale colors can have a tendency to wash me out being I am fair to light.  However, this shade was a far superior pink-nude with the excellent balance of rosiness to offset the nude color.  It’s a perfect choice for me now, but the more bronzer I put on or sun that my complexion gets, the prettier this shade looks.

The Plot Thickens Lipstick.jpeg
This one is The Plot Thicken Colour Burst Lipstick.

The second Colour Burst Lipstick I tried was The Plot Thickens.  It is a creamy pale rosy, nude-beige.  I found this one slightly too pale, having more baby pink and soft beige to make it work for my coloring.  It looked better when I added more color with a bronzer.  Yet, I think this particular shade would best compliment those with a medium and especially deeper complexions the most.  

The Sheer Lipstick ($29) is anti-aging and a moisturizing formula with hilurlip and rosehip butter that doesn’t bog lips down with heavy ingredients.  This formula has plenty of color, but it is not a thick, heavy appearing stain.  At the same time, it is not a see through color, but just nicely in between with its richness.

Perfume of His Gaze.jpeg
This is Perfume of His Gaze, which looks darker in the tube than on lips.

Perfume of His Gaze is a cool-toned rosy taupe that honestly will look good on all complexions, whether bronzed or not, all year round.  The rose, mauve and brown tones that compose this color are fascinating with depth without being dark in its many facets.

swatches of lipsticks and lip pencil.jpeg
Starting on the left is The Plot Thickens, Perfume of His Gaze, Irreverence, and Roald lip pencil on the right.

I also tried Long-Lasting Lip Pencil ($24) in Roald.  This is a creamy formula that doesn’t tug when using it and does a wonderful job for outlining lips.  Roald is a light mauve that went well for these choices.

Roald lip pencil.jpeg
The Roald Lip Pencil is a versatile choice that you can't go wrong with.

If you’re looking to build upon your summer lipstick wardrobe, you might want to think about these Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks and lip pencil as choices!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

California North Skin Care Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer Review–A Refreshing Way to Treat a Body!

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Gelskin Wash.jpeg
The 16-oz. Gelskin Wash is ($39).

Summer is when you want every inch of your body just as soft and smooth as possible since more of it will be exposed.  In that quest, I found two products that deserve your attention for a refreshing clean and silky hydration from California North Skin Care with their Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer.

The Gelskin Wash has botanicals like camomile, rosemary, sage, rose hips, nettle and aloe just to name a few in this gentle formula.  The scent is fresh grapefruit, only not as tart, but lighter, breezier and uplifting, floating to your nostrils when lathering. 

It produces plenty of fragrant foam and nourishes the skin at the same time.  Equally appealing, it is dispensed through a pump, which is great to get just what you need without overspilling.

Next, I sampled the Action Moisturizer, which conditions the skin as well as lubricate it with natural ingredients such as geranium, aloe, calendula along with vitamin E and shea butter among others in its formula.  
Action Moisturizer.jpeg
The 16 oz. Action Moisturizer is $49.

No stickiness or greasiness is involved when I used this product while lightly perfuming the skin with its delicate citrus scent.  The skin feels somehow firmer and silkier after application.  I really loved this product.

If you want to do your skin some good, I recommend giving both of the Gelskin Wash and Action Moisturizer a try.  They come in two sizes of 8-oz. and 16-oz. and range from $24-$49.  You can find them at California North's website.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Something Sweet Undies July 2017 Box Review

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black panty.jpeg
Here is one of the great panties I received.

What woman doesn’t love pretty panties? Something Sweet Undies is a monthly subscription service that brings two new pairs of cute panties to your door for just $11 a month and free USA shipping.  This California-based company does ship internationally for only $10 more.

This is the way the box works.  You select your panty style preference and size.  If you love thongs, you choose just those.  Those that hate wearing a thong have the option of never receiving any in their boxes. Of course, you might like variety in your panty drawer and want both thongs and non-thong styles and select a mixed box. Sizes range from small, medium or large.

black and white panty.jpeg
This one is also sweet.

My package arrived in a heavy plastic outer envelope to best protect from moisture and then with a separate gold inner envelope for privacy.  

Inside, the first pair I pulled out was mostly cotton (95%) and 5% spandex black pair with pink lace around the legs and bow.  It was adorable and comfortable looking. 

The second panty was a sexy number made of 94% polyester, 6% spandex with a 100% cotton crotch.  The front had a black and white print design trimmed in green on the waistband with a green bow that looked innocent enough.  Yet, the back left nothing to the imagination with sheer, black lace to show off your behind.

lacy back of panty.jpeg
Here is the back of this sexier pair.

I liked my box.  Have you tried this panty subscription box yet? If not, you should check their website because Something Sweet Undies Box was a good deal, if you ask me.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Recycle to Better Keep Your Tomato Plants and Other Vegetables Off the Ground!

tomato plant.jpeg
You'll get more tomatoes from healthier plants.

I hope that your garden is doing better mine.  After all the rain that we’ve been having, the weather has turned those few still surviving into scrawny excuses of plants.  However, I still like to give these pathetic guys all the help they can get to keep them off the ground when tied to their stakes.

I used to cut an old sheet into strips to tie around the plants to keep them secure to their stakes.  This was fine, but I found something that works much better.  Now I save my old pantyhose that I would normally throw away and recycle them for another purpose of stretchy plant ties.

What I like to do is taking a pair of old pantyhose, cut off the panty, then use the legs as a stretchable brace to support them against their stakes.  I tried this in the past and it so much better than using strips of cloth because they aren’t so tight to hamper the circulation of the plants and move as they continue to grow.

Hopefully, this continual bout of what seems like daily rain will stop and end so my plants have a chance to catch up before the deer behead them as usual.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share because this gardening tip can help your plants thrive!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

What You Need to Remember If You Favor Skinny Jeans or Leggings!

woman sitting on table in skinny jeans.jpeg
If you love skinny jeans and leggings, you need to read this post.

For the most part, the trend of colored skinny jeans has lost momentum for 2017.  Yet, skinny jeans are still going strong this year, especially the variety with stretch. As flattering as a body-hugging style may treat your curves, there is something you never think about until it happens to you.  I’m talking about what to do if you accidentally spill a piping, hot beverage in your lap.  

Having lived through this nightmare, your first thought is getting those jeans off as quickly as possible.  I was lucky that my horrible experience occurred at home in my kitchen and not when I was out in public. Immediately, I stripped trying to escape that intense pain from an entire cup of scalding hot chocolate that fell out of my hand between my legs.  However, I later found out that it was a mistake.

What I learned while I was healing was that it is better to immediately run a tub with warm (not hot) water and jump in with the jeans on.  This helps air from getting to the burn and lessens the risk of shock.  If someone is with you, have them root through your pantry for a box of baking soda that you can dump into the water because it can temporarily help cool some of the pain.

Regardless of how much you paid for those jeans, if any of the material is stuck to your skin as you carefully undress, cut yourself out.  Be extremely cautious with how you remove that cut material in the area because you don’t more skin with it than the inflicted damage.  Also, by pulling the material away too quickly can embed fabric particles to complicate your risk of infection.

I washed the area as gently as I could with plain soap and water before applying antibiotic ointment, then wrapping with large, sterile non-stick pads before applying layers of sterile cotton gauze.

This post is not meant to frighten you, but to save you pain.  After all, accidents are never planned and do happen when you least expect them.  This healthy living tip post is just worth remembering in case!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fuego Box July 2017 Review

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Fuego Box July 2017.jpeg
This trio can introduce you to new taste experiences!

Some people quiver at the mention of hot sauce, but not yours truly.  With how they enhance flavor, I look forward to each new one that I try like the flaming pleasures that accompanied my latest trio from Fuego Box, the hot sauce subscription.

This month I discovered El Perro Afortunado’s Lucky Dog.  This lively, but moderate sauce has a Mexican beat with fire-roasted tomatoes, paprika, onion, garlic, and cumin among its ingredients.  You can use this easily on practically any dish that you normally reserve for hot sauce without worrying about losing your tongue to any consuming fire.

Jersey Barnfire Garden State Green makes for an interesting heat.  This green-colored sauce has cilantro-lime mixed with tomatillo, green chilies, green peppers, and spices for a delicious twist to eggs, meats, fish, sandwiches, and dips.   

LBI Love Potion is a robust, but not a killer hot sauce. This is garlic dominating, habanero pepper-based sauce that doesn’t have as much vinegar as others, which allows the other ingredients of carrots, onions and garlic to reign.  This is a versatile hot sauce, and especially tasty put in a dipping sauce.

If you’re adventurous and seeking extra flavor, I suggest signing up for a Fuego Box.  Their hot sauce subscription box can introduce you to artisan sauces to start you on that enhanced culinary journey.  

The cost of this box is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  You also can expect an informational card about the sauces and recommended foods to go along with each sauce. By all means, visit Fuego Box and check them out!

Friday, July 21, 2017

How to Prolong a Beautiful Manicure From Chipping While on Vacation!

back of woman's head lounging in pool.jpeg
Some simple precautions can save your nails so you can concentrate on fun!

Going on vacation is the time when you want to relax and enjoy yourself.  Something that you shouldn’t have to worry about is repainting your nails just because you also want to have fun.  If this sounds like a good plan to you, then let me fill you in on ways that can keep those nails looking good and chip free longer.

You might want to start thinking about how you handle your zippered suitcase when you arrive to unpack. Without thinking as you work, those nails could accidentally brush up against the metal teeth of that zipper, which could happen if it sticks or when in a hurry to keep your outfits from wrinkling.

Two alternatives can help you out of this fix.  If you’re traveling alone, pack of pair of gloves in your handbag or get a wash cloth from your hotel room to keep the nails covered as you unzip. The idea is just to find something that makes a barrier between your painted nails and those metal teeth of the zipper.  

However, you’re probably traveling with your man.  Give him one of your smiles and he’ll be glad to help.  If not, then recruit him.

Perhaps, you plan on spending a lot of time in the pool or at the ocean.  Of course, you will want to apply plenty of SPF at least thirty minutes before you step outside and every two hours afterwards.   What you don’t know is that a chemical sunscreen (not the mineral variety) on polished nails can dull and weaken the integrity of their formal enough to ruin them.

An easy fix is making sure to wipe your nails clean after a fresh sunscreen application. Take an extra towel in your beach bag or tote and this won’t be an issue.

When you actually jump into chloride-treated water of that beautiful hotel pool, you need to remember that your nails will be softer.  The best way to save them from chipping is to avoid using them as a comb upon getting out of the pool.  

A better idea is to just pack a wide-tooth comb in that beach bag to keep yourself presentable.  

When you’re getting ready for dinner and a great evening out, you might be reaching for your fragrance and maybe hair spray, depending on your style.  The ingredients if left on the nails can dull and harm them so wash and dry your hands with plain soap, not any hand sanitizer, as soon as possible. Sanitizers also have alcohol to kill the shine and destroy their beauty.

Hopefully, these nail care tips will keep you beautiful longer because vacations are too short and precious to waste!    

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Glossybox Tropical Beauty July 2017 Review

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Glossybox July 2017.jpeg
Glossybox July 2017 brings tropical beauty delights for summer.  

Anyone obsessed with beauty needs a great beauty subscription like Glossybox because the thrills keep coming every time a new box arrives.  The theme for this month is Tropical Beauty with ideal products to help perfect your summer look!

For those unfamiliar with Glossybox, you typically can expect five luxury beauty items from full to generous sample sizes of makeup, nail, skin and hair care to tools, etc. for $21 a month with free shipping within the United States.  You also receive a detailed sheet describing each product in the box as well.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Beautiful Free Way to Keep Your Cords Organized

cord and plastic fasteners.jpeg
This is a thrifty tip on how to better store your cords without damaging them.

I hate all those needed small cords and wires that we have to depend on because they can be a problem to store.  However, I found a way that you can keep the thinner ones like video or USB cables organized without buying anything special.

This trick involves those plastic fasteners you find on bread bags, potatoes, onions, etc.  Instead of throwing them away, take off and wash them to use for another purpose.  They work well to keep those skinnier wires neatly separated!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reasons Explaining Your Lack of Energy and How You Might Recharge Your Body!

sad woman sitting on a log at the beach.jpeg
Life is too short to waste when you have no energy.  This post is a good place to start.

Though we all get tired, some of us succumb to that feeling much sooner than others. Of course, there can be a variety of reasons from too much physical activity, certain drugs like antihistamines, cough medicines, alcohol to some of the medications that you’re currently on.  Not getting enough sleep or experiencing jet lag can also explain why you might be feeling exhausted more than you should.  Yet, what if I told you that there could be issues with your diet that also could be to blame for your lagging energy.

One of the biggest causes of fatigue, especially in women, is due to dehydration.  When you don’t get enough water, you cause the body all kinds of grief because water cuts down the normal blood flow to the organs to cause that drained feeling.  Try drinking six to eight  (8-ounce) glasses of water a day and see if your energy levels improve.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Make Most of Your Nails This Summer! –These Flattering Neutral Shades of Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polishes (#230, #310, #180, #200) Review

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Sally Hansen Color Therapy five nail products.jpeg
Check out these caring neutrals nail shades from Sally Hansen's Color Therapy for summer.

If you want to try some perfect nail polish shades for summer, the choices could be endless.  The best way to narrow down the number is to seek out ones that can do more for your nails than just beautify them with color.  Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy Nail Polish line is a prime example because it does more than pretty them up by nourishing with natural argan, acia and evening primrose oils to improve nail condition.

Though the current trend is the eye-popping, bright colors of blues, greens, teals, magenta, raspberries, wild canary yellows, etc., I think pale neutrals can never go out of style.  Colors like #230 Sheer Nirvana, #180 Chai on Life, #310 Couple’s Massage, and #200 Powder Room can dress up a tan just as easily for those that prefer a classic look.

#230 Sheer Nirvana is a delicate pink.  It was extremely sheer and took three coats before I got the degree of color I was striving for.

#180 Chai on Life is a nude with some taupe to it.  This one covered better to give me a nice finish in just two coats.

#310 Couple’s Massage is another pale, shimmering peach shade.  It is a bit sheer and takes a few coats, but is simply gorgeous once you finish.

#200 Powder Room is a pearlescent pink-nude color.  Two coats of this can make hands look ever so graceful.

To preserve their beauty, I suggest  the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat to stretch out their wear.  Find Color Therapy wherever you shop for Sally Hansen.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great Summer Fragrance Picks! –Discover California North O2xygen EDT and Original California North EDT Review

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O2xygen EDT for women.jpeg
O2xygen EDT for women is sunny, bright and perfect for summer.

You can almost feel the warmth of that California sun and take in that refreshing ocean breeze when you experience that certain appeal California North fragrances offer.  Thanks to this exciting, cruelty free brand based in Sausalito and made here in the United States, the eau de toilette trio that I sampled for both men and women are your tickets to a wonderful ocean side vacation!

Happy brightness in a bottle is my first thought of O2xygen Eau de Toilette for Women.  This is a delightful fruity-floral fragrance with natural botanicals that also has a fresh aquatic quality that conveys lasting summer along the beach.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to Give Your Evening Look an Extra Sexy Radiance

metallic eyeshadows and eye products.jpeg
Everyone needs a palette of metal shades with how these multi-task.

One of my best friends happens to be a makeup artist.  Thanks to her, I have really learned quite a few amazing tricks that improved the way I do my face.  Recently, she volunteered her expertise to help me get ready for an event that was important to me because she wanted me to be perfect.  

She kept rattling on about how a new client liked what she did for channeling her inner rock star when doing her makeup recently.  When I pressed her to give me more details, she refused and continued fluttering around me with her brushes in between dives into her makeup case for one product after another.

Instead of letting me see the progress, my friend positioned my chair out of view of a mirror. All I could see was the foundation, blush, bronzer, mascara, concealer, eyeliner, and palettes of eye shadows sprawled in front of me.  

When she finally stopped fussing, she smiled at me with pride before handing me a mirror.  I couldn’t believe how she managed to illuminate my cheekbones with such pearly radiance that together with the jewels she made out of my eyes was remarkable.

Instead of relying on highlighters, she got more star power from combining gold and silver pearly eye shadows over the top of the cheekbones and toward the temple.  The secret I learned was how the warm and cool tones of those metallic eye colors were more ideal for complimenting the face in a softer, dim light.

I suggest that you pull out your own eye shadows and give this technique a try because it is a dazzling effect for when you have something special to attend.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Why Older Complexions Need Exfoliation Even More Than Younger Ones!

beautiful woman with closed eyes.jpeg
Starting exfoliation earlier on, this beauty knows will keep her skin looking younger longer.

If you are a regular reader than you know how strongly I feel about the importance of exfoliation to improve a complexion.  After all, it is the only true way to clear out old cells and the last traces of makeup and grime that may still be lingering deep below the skin’s surface that could be dulling its natural luster.  At the same time, it is also the best anti-aging trick that you can do because once those old cells are loosened and begin to lift, the process activates other cells called fibroblasts to action to form collagen and hyaluronic acid to plump the wrinkles and add suppleness. 

Naturally Shedding Skin Cells Slows Down the More We Age

No doubt, you’re probably aware of what I’m saying.  Yet, what you may not know is the older you get, the longer those cells remain to cloud complexions.  Think of it this way. Young skin has an easier time shedding skin cells at a rate of every 20 days on average.  Now compare that to older skin where this natural process greatly slows down and can take twice or three times as long for them to fall off!

Regardless of age, you don’t want to get overzealous with exfoliation, which you may accidentally do once you start noticing how beautiful your complexion becomes resurfacing.  The pores magically shrink, texture improves, skin brightens, and you’ll wait with bated breath as marks from acne, pimples to a small scar gradually start fading away.

Too Aggressive Exfoliation Can Hinder Skin Renewal 

If you use a device like your Clarisonic and find the temptation of using the brush with its rotating heads set on the firmest setting more than once a day, then you’re not helping your skin.  Instead, you could be aggravating developing cells and risk damaging the complexion with your enthusiasm.  To be on the safe side, only use that brush once a day on the lowest setting instead and watch how much better your skin will respond.

You may also want to try a facial peel.  Be careful of too strong or frequent use of such a product or expect raw, red skin and possibly injuring your complexion.  Glycolic acid products or a mix of other alpha hydroxy acids  for at home typically are between 5 percent for the mildest peel to 15 for a more intense treatment.  

My favorite happens to be a facial peeling pad. They are convenient and loaded with just what you need for beautifying.  Some companies insist that facial peel pads can be used daily without any harm to your skin.  I, however, do believe this is more beneficial to the company’s profits than overly stressing the skin.  Once or twice a week is all I subject my skin to. 

Texture of the Exfoliant Matters Even More for Delicate, Older Skin

Scrubs and masks also help exfoliate dead skin cells.  However, be careful of the type of granules or the texture so not to rip up the skin.  Check my sidebar for DIY formulas under the homemade skin care recipes label for others like this excellent scrub.  

Of all the expensive anti-aging products that you can buy, there is nothing better than can erase years off of your face than exfoliation.  You may not believe as adamantly as I do about the value of exfoliation, but I swear by it.  It comes first to help make those costly products actually penetrate deeper into the pores. Otherwise, the product just sits there unable to work its magic for you.

What I’m sharing is what I personally do.  I may only be an average looking woman; but trust me, I do have beautiful skin–-and so can you!  Follow my lead and you might not even need to wear primer under your foundation and still have great results by the perfect surface you’ll create.  Honestly, what I am saying is true.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Why You May Want to Alter Your Manicuring Habits Just a Bit

I don’t know how regularly that you paint your nails, but if you want the enamel to last longer than the time that you’re getting, then I may be able to help.  

nail polish group.jpeg
Simple changes can extend the life of your manicure.
Don’t remove old nail polish and decide to do it later because your hands could pick up oils during that delay when you return to do that complete manicure, regardless how little time may have passed.  Fresh polish adheres best to a completely dry nail surface.  

Therefore, if the phone rings or something else comes in between you and finishing your manicure, just grab another cotton ball with nail polish remover and swipe your nails again first. Then proceed with your polish.

What else that helps extend your manicure’s life is keeping nails on the shorter side, which is classic.  Overly long ones seem to chip and break more.  

After you apply a top coat, you might think that you’re finished.  Instead, try adding a fresh top coat daily to nails.  This really intensifies the shine while further protecting.

Keeping your hands in water is not the best thing to do when wearing nail polish. Wearing gloves when you wash dishes manually can help prolong a manicure, but just as important is avoiding leisurely baths in favor of shorter showers.  

These simple adaptations to your manicure routine can be all it takes to give you a day or two more for your need to redo those nails.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Here’s Some Natural Plant-based Relief for Your Allergies!

English ivy.jpeg
English ivy can grow just as easily indoors.

Anyone with allergies knows the grief that they can put you through.  Antihistamines and nasal sprays can do so much.  In addition, air conditioning and air purifiers also help to clean the air, which is important if you suffer from dust, mold or animal dander from your pet to reduce the airborne irritants.  

Something else that can ease indoor allergy symptoms is using certain plants to filter the air.  For instance, English ivy (Hedera helix) may help with a mold allergy in particular according to one study for how it can reduce the amount of airborne mold.

The secret to growing this plant is placing it in a room with plenty of sunlight.  It can still grow with less, but it does the best with more.  Also, it doesn’t like too much water or dust accumulating on its leaves. When you notice dust, spritz it with a little water or run it under the tap with a light stream of water in your sink to clean it off. Furthermore, the soil needs to feel slightly dry when touched to keep this plant thriving.  

If you do this for your English ivy, it will love you back.  In fact, you can cut a leaf and place in a glass with water to help start a new plant to place in each room.  However, their leaves and berries are poisonous to small children and pets.  So be careful where you place them.

Chysanethemum is another beautiful green purifier.  The only drawback is flowers must be on the plant for it to filter the air.  When it isn’t blooming, the plant is not cleaning so keep that in mind.

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are also fantastic to help better breathing.  They are strong, don’t need a lot of care and constant watering and are ideal to get if you happen to get new carpeting.  These plants take out toxic formaldehyde and xylene gases that may be released.

Rubber plants (Ficus elastic)  are also environmentally beneficial to you and your home, but not your dog or cat if they start munching it.  These also help get rid of formaldehyde and trichloroethylene that could be present in paints, upholstery and carpet cleaners, paint removers, etc.  

Good luck on selecting the right plants because they can improve the quality of your life without much expense!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Are You Confused With All the Various Types of Hairsprays Which Ones Are Best for You?

Kenra hairsprays.jpeg
Understanding each hairspray variety enables you to be happier with your purchase.

Did you ever notice that every time you go shopping for hair and skin care products that besides new brands or offshoots of a particular brand that the products like hairsprays just as quickly can have different functions?  Though you may know the strength of desired hold or how you want that spray dispensed such as aerosol or non-aerosol, you still might be wondering how to determine the right variety of spray for your needs.  

Finishing sprays usually give the finest mist and firm hold for the entire head.  Many are in aerosol form and now also will help your hair shine.  This type of spray isn’t meant to keep spraying misbehaving pieces of hair. Otherwise, the hair will stiffen into a hard mass.  Consider this spray only more for keeping the style intact.  Those with fine hair want to avoid finishing sprays since these are better suited for normal or thick hair texture. 

On the other hand, working hairsprays can give you more freedom for styling your hair and can benefit all hair textures.  These are ideal for building in texture with hold, especially if you have layers or waves in your hair that you play with.  The great thing about this type of spray is you can brush and comb after initially using it without worrying that your style will suffer.  If you find your hair starts to droop, working sprays allow you to just spray again to touch up without fear of excessive stickiness or becoming a helmet head.

Then again, you may want your hair to have movement instead of merely locking it somewhat in place.  If so, then flexible hairsprays have less hold and are very light when they touch the hair to provide the most natural hold.  This type is especially good for those with fine hair because it won’t bog the hair down to make it look flat.

Volumizing hairsprays can help give fine or thin hair a bit of lift, the closer you spray toward the roots. However, normal to thick hair won’t benefit in the same way.

Shine hairsprays differ from ones labeled shine sprays.  Shine hairsprays are also finishing hairsprays but will be the ones to guarantee a maximum shine.  The hold on these can range from medium to a firm hold. Anyone with thick or curly hair would find these helpful for styling, but not if you have fine hair.  Instead, shine hairsprays will only make your hair look oily and dirty.

Hopefully, the information I provided will help clarify these hairsprays for you.

Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Finally End Losing Socks When Laundering!

feet with socks.jpeg
This post will finally end the battle of missing socks!

I don’t understand the mysterious connection between washing machines, dryers and socks.  Some mysterious phenomenon must be going on because how many times have you put in pairs of socks only to be missing one once it comes out of the dryer.   Have you ever wondered where those socks go after searching every inch of your dryer and washer and other clothes from that load to see if they attached with no avail?   Well, I finally managed to solve that madness with what I’ve been doing lately.

I originally tried pinning pairs of socks together with safety pins before washing. This is all right most of the time, but I found it can tear socks.  Therefore, I stopped that practice.

Then, I tried using a mesh laundry bag that normally I use for washing delicate pieces. However, instead of taking them out of the bag when it’s time to put them into the dryer, I throw in the entire laundry bag.  The socks stay together this way because I am glad to report no more missing socks have occurred at my house since.  

If you want to end missing socks once and for all, try using a mesh laundry bag as I suggested.  This laundry tip is the way to go, readers!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunburn? Try This DIY Strawberry Sunburn Relief Available From Your Kitchen Pharmacy!

Sunburn hurts. Strawberries are one way to rid you of the sting plus more DIY help!

Sunburn can sneak up on you when you’re having a good time or fall asleep in the sun without proper protection.  Sometimes, you might not even think it is that bad until later when you get home and bathe, only to feel it flame up on your skin. Hopefully, this won’t happen to you this year, but just in case your kitchen can be your own pharmacy because relief can be within your refrigerator.

I shared a few other DIY sunburn soothers before that help ease the pain.  One sunburn fix was with dry powdered milk and some honey that did exceptionally well for cooling, preventing infection and even help accelerate healing that you might want to check.  The second sunburn fix is another wonderful milk-based one due to its fat and proteins that also uses tomato juice.  Remember to keep the water cool just like the milk also helps lower the skin’s hot feeling.  

You may wonder why switch from a DIY remedy that helped in favor of another.  The answer is because I had to improvise on what was in the refrigerator and pantry at the time the problem occurred, which you might have to do as well.

This is why I have yet a third DIY strawberry sunburn soother remedy for you today.  Strawberries are on sale a lot now being in season.  You probably have a package in your refrigerator if you’re as fond of those berries as we are.  Anyway, strawberries with their tannic acid and the probiotics in plain yogurt make an awesome combination when your skin is on fire.  

All you need to do is to take about six large strawberries (about 1-1/2 cups) to ½ cups of plain yogurt.  I did not use anything fancy like Greek style, just the ordinary plain yogurt that I use for my sauces and salads. Clean and mash the berries first before combining.  Then slather it over the burned areas.  Keep this mixture on about twenty before rinsing off.  By the time you do, you will notice how much better and even lighter the burn seems to get.

Depending on what you have on hand, all three of these sunburn relief DIY remedies are worth trying.  You just need to go with the one that you have the ingredients to prepare it with.