Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review: Rimmel ScandalEyes XX-Treme Mascara

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Rimmel ScandalEyes XX-Treme Mascara.jpeg
Rimmel ScandalEyes XX-Treme Mascara won't disappoint, especially if you're hunting for a great mascara for daytime.

If it happens to be time to replace your mascara, I just tried one that worked surprisingly well with both an affordable price and what this product did for my lashes. I’m talking about Rimmel’s ScandalEyes XX-Treme Mascara in Extreme Black 003 ($6.99).

Unlike some other wetter mascara formulas, this one happens to have somewhat a drier consistency, which seems to keep it from clumping as much.  Thanks to those tiny rubber bristles in its two-sided brush that includes an angled side for volumizing and a flatter side for lengthening, I found it easy to separate the lashes. 

For my daytime look, I prefer to keep my makeup more natural and usually go with just one coat of mascara more than two.  What I really liked about this mascara was how it took sparse, short lashes like mine and managed to build and lengthen them in just one coat without looking spidery, only enhanced upon. Two coats made my lashes a bit more exaggerated  than I cared for.  Therefore, I will be sticking to one coat when using this mascara.

Overall, if you want a dependable drugstore mascara that will play up your lashes nicely for daytime, but also one that gives you the option to layer more coats to dramatize your look, then Rimmel’s ScandalEyes XX-Treme Mascara would be ideal for you.  Check it out wherever you buy Rimmel London products.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Recipe: Chase Away Thoughts of Cold With a Plate of My Special Nippy Stove Top Mac and Cheese!

My Special Nippy Stove Top Mac and Cheese.jpeg
 With a plate of my Special Nippy Stove Top Mac and Cheese, you heat up in record time!

As you might know, I am not a fan of winter or laboring too hard in the kitchen when there is no need. Today, I want to share a quick way that you can heat up after you come in from the cold with this easy quick dish. Though you may think this is just another plain, old mac and cheese recipe, I assure you that it is not.  My Special Nippy Stove Top Mac and Cheese may have the creamy, velvety texture and cheese, but I doubt it has red pepper flakes, onion, garlic, fresh mushrooms for extra protein, and my secret ingredient until now of just a little salad dressing to heighten the flavor.

What else I think that you’re going to love about this delicious change from your standard macaroni and cheese recipe is how simple and extra filling it is with adding a cup of onion, two cloves of garlic, and a half of pound of fresh mushrooms. 

You also may notice that this recipe has less cheese and milk instead of the richer half-and-half or evaporated milk to make it a bit more diet friendly with less calories and fats.  Trust me, I am a cheese fanatic, but you will not feel deprived of that cheese once you taste this.  In fact, I used 2-percent milk over whole milk and no one suspected. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Fabulous Body & Hair Oil for Needed Winter Body Care!

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 L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Fabulous Body & Hair Oil.jpeg
 L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Fabulous Body & Hair Oil helps make the best out the problems to your skin that winter can bring.

Some people can’t wait for winter to come with all the outdoor activities like skiing, ice skating, sledding or the like.  I, on the other hand, am not one of them since those extreme cold temperatures can be brutal to skin, especially those prone to dry skin like mine.  Therefore, I thought I might give L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Body & Hair Fabulous Oil a try to see how that would work for my winter body care.

This product is a dry oil that has a clean, powdery fragrance that you can spray on easily to damp skin or hair immediately following your shower or bath.  Besides 5 percent of shea oil, it also has baobab, desert date palm oil, sunflower and carrot seed oils for deep moisturizing.  What you won’t find are harmful parabens, sulfates or phthalates that could prevent skin and hair from thriving.

You’ll appreciate the wonderful way this oil hydrates more if you apply to skin that still has some remaining water droplets over completely dry skin.  This is a better way for it to absorb, you’ll use less and it will lavish the areas with splendid lubrication without any greasy feel or leaving any residue behind.  My skin felt silky smooth and supple once I was done.

I also tried this Shea Butter Fabulous Oil on my dry hair, but you need to use less and not the same amount as you would have of similar hair oils.  Otherwise, your hair might be greasier than you counted on.  My preference is saving this dry oil for pampering my body with the wonderful satin finish it leaves behind.

If you need some dependable winter body care relief, I suggest a visit to a L’Occitane boutique or their website and think of getting a bottle of the Shea Butter Fabulous Body & Hair Oil ($38) because it can help. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: StriVectin’s NEW Multi-Action Restorative Cream Is a Fabulous Anti-Aging Skin Care Find!

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 SriVectin’s NEW Multi-Action Restorative Cream.jpeg
 StriVectin’s NEW Multi-Action Restorative Cream is an anti-aging skin care find with how it moisturizes and revitalizes a complexion. 

Normally, I need more time to really see how well an anti-aging product will work on my face.  However, I can’t wait to share my excitement about StriVectin’s Multi-Action Restorative Cream that unexpectedly arrived.  Though it has been only a couple of weeks, I am already watching beautiful changes coming to my skin from this multi-tasking and technically advanced anti-aging cream.

Why am I not surprised that complexion is really benefitting this much after StriVectin put 35 years of research into this product development? This intensive formula is meant to address fine lines, wrinkles, density, firmness, firmness, sagging, texture, dehydration, dullness, discoloration, clarity, resilience and enlarged pores in one cream.

How all that skin restoration is possible is due to StriVectin’s NIA-114 technology and their Pro-12 Optimizing Complex for the skin’s hydration and the repair process.  Together this combo can make short work of some of those aging skin problems, if you used this moisturizing revitalization cream twice a day as I have done.  

My dry complexion loved how StriVectin’s exclusive formula soothed, sealed in moisture and brightened once I started.  My skin was astonishingly soft and kept improving in its texture and luminosity.  Just as remarkable, I noticed how the places where some fine lines had been filled in. 

I love what StriVectin did for my complexion so far.  I just can’t wait to see what other beautiful changes are in store with continued use.  

If you, too, want a fresh approach to revitalize your aging skin, I suggest putting StriVectin’s new Multi-Action Restorative Cream ($95) to the test. Once you do, I know that you’re going to be constantly checking the mirror to see what else this revolutionary anti-aging skin care find will do next.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why You Need to Rethink Your Makeup When Bad Breakouts Find Your Face!

Red lipstick.jpeg
Makeup colors can work for or against you so be sure that you're in the know when those bad breakouts strike.  

A bad breakout usually likes to happen when you have something important on your calender–-like a big date or job interview.  However, there is even more that you can do that you might have overlooked.  After you do all you can to minimize the redness and cover it, you need to think carefully about the color of those other cosmetics that you wear when this occurs.

If you don’t want to call attention to that “zit,” then steer clear of red lipsticks, glosses, stains and blushes that can only draw out that blemish’s color like a spotlight taken to your face.  Instead, you can downplay that redness with nudes or soft brown shades!

Do read my earlier post with some helpful blemish concealing tricks.  You also might want to try this additional post with a simple fix for masking the redness of a blemish.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Review: Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Subscription (Winter Traditions 2015 Box) Can Make Weight Management Easier!

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Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Winter Traditions 2015 Box.jpeg
Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Winter Traditions 2015 Box

Sugarless Sensations logo.jpeg
Sugarless Sensations

According to the USDA, the average American consumes somewhere in the range of 150 to 170 pounds of refined sugars a year, which increases our weight and chance to develop diabetes.   Yet, unless you were told to watch your diet, have diabetes, or live with someone that may be a pre-diabetic, then you probably would never give it much thought or know how hard it is to miss all the cookies, cakes, pies, desserts, ice cream, etc. while the rest of the world continues to eat those sugary treats without you. However, with a Sugarless Sensations Subscription I can honestly tell you would never know the difference.  

Sugarless Sensations Sugarless Winter Traditions 2015 out of the box.jpeg
Take a look at all you get and the generous sizes in a Sugarless Sensations Box like this Winter Traditions Box.  A card detailing each product comes with it.

Anyone trying to find delicious sugar-free substitutes, low-carb or low glycemic foods really would love this subscription.  Each Sugarless Sensations box has anywhere between six and eight sugarless treats and tasty, savory snacks that would fool even your pickiest eater for a cost of $39 a month with free shipping.  

You may think that I must be exaggerating because nothing sugar-free or low-carb could possibly compare to the real deal.  I was of the same thought until sampling this fabulously curated selection that came in their Sugarless Sensations Winter Traditions Sugarless Box.

Trust me, watching your diet will never taste better with the companies chosen for this box.  Wait until you hear more about that Winter Traditions Sugarless Box that arrived and then you can judge.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Remedy Rush Subscription Fall 2015 Box Review + Year of The Remedy Rush Boxes Giveaway!

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The Remedy Rush Subscription Fall 2015 Box products.jpeg
The Remedy Rush Subscription Fall 2015 Box

We all have too much stress in our lives.  Fortunately, I have the cure to help you relax both body and mind. It’s called The Remedy Rush 

What exactly is The Remedy Rush?  This is a quarterly spa subscription box of all natural, organic artisan spa and body products to fit your needs for each new season. On an average, expect between seven and ten products from four or five different companies that never use ingredients that can compromise your health. Instead, you’ll only find wildcrafted or organic herbs, herbal extracts, pure essential oils, cold-pressed fruit, nut oils, and butters in any of the cruelty-free products.  

Before I get too carried away telling you about the contents of this Fall 2015 box I received, I should tell that price their price is quite reasonable at $59 a quarter with free USA shipping with an additional $9.99 shipping rate for Canadian subscribers.

Now that I got my excitement more under control, I will fill you in on this particular box because I honestly love it.  

The Remedy Rush Spa Subscription Box –Fall 2015

1.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Ginger Glow Warming Herbal Sea Salts (4 oz.)-$6.50

2.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Ginger Glow Warming Sea Salt Glow (2 oz.)----$4.00

3.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Lemon Verbena Aromatherapy Votive Candle—$6.00
4.  Wood Sprite Organic Body Sauna Blend Aromatherapy Votive Candle-------$6.00  
5.  Fabulous Frannie De-Stress Essential Oil Blend Roll-on---------------------------$5.95

6.  Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure French Lavender Essential Oil---------------------$8.90

7.  Moon Valley Organics  New Moon Melt Lotion Bar (1.9 oz.)----------------------$11.99

8.  Moon Valley Organics  Orange Spice Bar Soap (4 oz.)-----------------------------$5.99

9.  Moon Valley Organics Herbal Lip Balm (.15 oz.)--------------------------------------$2.99

10.  Innate Arnica & Turmeric Muscle and Joint Balm (2 oz.)---------------------------$18.00

                                                   Total Value: $76.30!

The first thing I did later that evening my box arrived was to turn my bathroom into my own private spa sanctuary.  I took the Wood Sprite Organic Body’s Ginger Glow Warming Herbal Bath Salts with me and emptied the contents while running my bath.  The spicy fragrance was so inviting, but once I climbed into the water, those mineral-rich sea salts, herbs, and pure essential oils specifically formulated to promote circulation started to kick in.  I started to feel my aches and tension ease up as a soothing warmth spread over me, not to say that suddenly relaxed state I was feeling inhaling that therapeutic aroma.  

The New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar from Moon Valley Organics that I tried also had an appealing spicy fragrance and lathered well while caring and repairing my skin at the same time with its red palm oil, vitamin E, clove, and plantain leaf just to name a few of the quality ingredients inside.

Moon Valley Organics New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar.jpeg
New Moon Orange Cleansing Bar 

The Wood Sprite Organic Body's votive candles that were fashioned from pure essential oils  are incredible for improving your mood.  There is no artificial fragrance at work, but genuine aromatherapy that you will experience.  I can’t decide which scent I cherish more–the Lemon Verbena or the Sauna Blend.  

The Moon Valley Organics Herbal Lip Balm has lots of healing power from cold pressed oils, organic beeswax and vanilla and lemon essential oils.  Chapped lips don’t stand a chance with a tube of this lip balm in your possession.

I also had a chance to try out the Wood Sprite Organic Body’s Ginger Salt Glow on another occasion. What I did was to scoop some out and massaged it over my dry body using a circular motion before I was about to get a bath. This product has a finer grain texture than some similar exfoliating salts.  It is ideal for controlling cellulite with how it exfoliates and stimulates the blood flow for better circulation.

I didn’t try the Innate Arnica & Turmeric Muscle and Joint Butter yet, but the next time I ache this is handy and within reach on my night stand.  With a blend of essential oils such as sunflower, lavender, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, and arnica, it sounds capable of some welcome relief.

The Fabulous Frannie 100% Pure Lavender Oil is one that I never tried until this box showed up, but love it.  I use lavender oil for my DIY beauty recipes, burns, and just for helping me relax or sleep after a hard day.  

Another Fabulous Frannie De-Stress Essential Oil Blend Roll-on currently resides on my computer desk where it will stay.  The formula smells delightful with its calming aroma of grapefruit, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils in a coconut carrier oil.

Yet, how could I forget the Moon Valley Organics Moon Melt Lotion Bar.  This herbal soap for healing dry skin came in a tin container.  First off, it smells amazing with subtle spiciness as well as a delectable vanilla creaminess to this round bar, which is highly moisturizing.  The soap has 100% USDA certified organic herbs such as calendula and comfrey in addition to its organic beeswax, vanilla, and safflower oil.

Moon Melt Lotion Bar.jpeg
This is the Moon Melt Lotion Bar.

Now that you heard all of this, you’re probably wondering when is the next box coming out?  If you want to get your hands on the Spring 2016 box, then you need to get moving before they ship on March 20.  Place your order by March 4 to save 10% off your purchase with coupon code SAVE10 at checkout.  These boxes sell out fast so don’t delay or you might miss out.  Do yourself a favor and head to The Remedy Rush!

In the meantime, you need to enter The One Year Subscription to The Remedy Rush Giveaway.  Again, you must hurry.  You only have six days left until it closes at the end of this month.  Good luck!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Quick Makeup Trick That Brings Instant Radiance to a Dull Complexion!

Woman with pink-based makeup.jpeg
This beauty knows how to bring instant luminosity to her face.  Do you?

There are times when our complexions may look dull.  Losing radiance can be even more of a problem as we age due to changing hormones.  Of course, it helps to exfoliate as well as turn to brightening skin care products when faced with this problem.  In the meantime, there is another way to brighten up your face by adapting the makeup colors you normally wear.

On those occasions, you might want to try wearing more of your pink cosmetics. With that in mind, root through your makeup bag for delicate pink blushes, pearly hues of baby-pink eye shadows and pink lip glosses or lipsticks.  The secret is not to use just any pink, but soft, sheer shades that will help light up your face enough to create some instant radiance!  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recipe: My Easy Crock-Pot Meatloaf Solves the Problem of What to Make for Dinner!

 My Easy Crock-Pot Meatloaf.jpeg
My Easy Crock-Pot Meatloaf 

When I have a lot of work to do, I like to pull out my crock-pot and throw something in for dinner and forget about it.  One of my favorites is this recipe for meatloaf.  With ground turkey, egg, oats, lots of onion, celery along with a combination of enough barbecue sauce and spices, this easy dinner smells so delicious when it starts to cook.  

Though you can use ground beef, I prefer ground turkey since it doesn’t produce as much grease.  Anyway, we try not to eat much red meat.

Instead of shaping it into a normal loaf, I make more of a ball.  For us, one pound is enough.  Those with a larger family probably should just double this recipe. 

Sometimes, I peel some carrots and potatoes to throw along with my meatloaf before topping again with a hefty dollop of more barbecue sauce.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

How to Have an Instant Nose Job Without Surgery Just by Some Strategic Highlighting and Contouring Techniques!

Woman's Face in shadows.jpeg
Learning where to direct light and dark shadows is the secret to overcome beauty flaws.

Most of us have a feature that we aren’t particularly happy with.  Personally, I don’t care all that much for my nose.  Some people think it’s cute but I never saw it.  Therefore, I took it upon myself to learn how to reshape it with makeup.  Today, I want to share some excellent highlighting and contouring tricks that I discovered for creating your own perfect nose.

Though you can use any form of highlighters and contouring powders, bronzers or shadows, you can also use three different shades of foundation.  One color that is an ideal match for your skin tone, another a shade darker and one a shade lighter than your complexion also works wonderfully.  

Since I also like to define my bone structure to my advantage, I found using the three foundations gives me the most natural results over too shimmery a highlight or too dark of a contour color.  To me, this method just saves time.  

If your nose happens to be wider than you like, the best way to start is by redirecting the light away from its width that you don’t like and focusing on the center.  Use your lightest foundation or highlighter apply a fairly thick line along the length of your nose, along the bridge, but stop short before you reach the tip.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: L’Occitane en Provence’s NEW Shea Face Comforting Oil for Help in Winterizing Your Face!

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L’Occitane en Provence’s Shea Face Comforting Oil.jpeg
L’Occitane en Provence’s NEW Shea Face Comforting Oil ($42)

Winter and its frigid temperatures can be the worst offenders to skin, especially if you have a dry, sensitive complexion like mine.  Though I have no control over what is going on outside, I tried a new skin care product from L’Occitane en Provence with their Shea Face Comforting Oil that can at least give your face a fighting chance against those elements!

The formula has plenty of antioxidants with 5 percent of vitamin E rich shea along with deeply-absorbing marula oils to encourage renewal as well as protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier with its intense hydration. 

A few drops of this non-greasy feeling oil will be all you need to do your entire face.  Dismiss the notion that being an oil it will linger on top of your face.  On the contrary, it is fairly fast absorbing and sinks into the skin before you know it.  

My dry skin can make my face feel tight after washing. This oil, however, soothed and made my complexion as soft as velvet accompanied by a healthy glow.

To be honest, I haven’t been using this product all that long to report on what it did for me on the wrinkle front.  Yet, I was just so thrilled with the radiance that it brought to my skin and how wonderfully it moisturized my dry skin that I had to share it with you now, especially with the severe winter storm about to hit the East coast.

Take it from me, if you’re looking to improve the health and look of your dry skin to survive this season’s harsh weather, then I would head to your closest L’Occitane boutique or visit their website online to order because this Shea Face Comforting Oil ($42) really does the trick to calm, abused winter skin and make it happy again!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Beyond Her Blush Beauty Box for January 2016!

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Beyond Her Blush Beauty Box for January 2016.jpeg
Beyond Her Blush Beauty Box for January 2016

The other day I introduced you to Beyond Her Blush Beauty Subscription and shared the December 2015 box with you.  Today, I want to fill you in on this company’s current box that is all about achieving fabulous hair with manageable curls all featuring salon products from the world famous hairstylist, aka King of Curls, Curlisto!

If this is the first time that you heard of Beyond Her Blush, then I’ll give you a brief rehash because it is an amazing way to satisfy your beauty fix since each box is a top makeup artist’s expression of what’s happening in beauty on the runways.  Usually, you can expect five or six prestigious name cosmetics, skin or hair care products and tools, a card detailing how to use the products along with a video link from that month’s makeup artist to further instruct you.  The price is $18 with free shipping in the continental USA for a six-month commitment or $20 for one box at a time that also includes the same free shipping.

January 2016 is Beyond the Hair step by step inspired by celebrity makeup artist, Micha Brown.  Spring, 2016 Miccey sees a prominent focus on lots of flowing waves and natural hair, adorned with notice-me accessories like the flowery headband she selected for this assortment. Take a look at what Miccey had in mind below.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review: Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (Midnight)

Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (Midnight).jpeg
Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara (Midnight)

Having allergies makes my eyes extremely sensitive at times.  They have a tendency to water, itch, and get red, which at times can give me problems wearing certain mascaras.  However, I seem to have a lot of luck with vegan brand, Mineral Fusion with how gentle their formulas are for someone like me that easily gets irritated.  This statement still holds true after my latest experiment wearing their Volumizing Mascara in Midnight that PR provided.

This mineral formulated mascara is truly gentle and free of paraben, phthalate, fragrance, artificial color, and gluten.  Besides this intense blue shade of Midnight, Mineral Fusion’s Volumizing Mascara also comes in a black (Jet) and brown (Chestnut).  

Let me cut to the chase.  My lashes aren’t what they used to be.  No doubt, rubbing them probably thinned some of them, but they are shorter than I care to admit.  Yet, once I pulled out this mascara’s brush, it separated and seemed to find each stubby lash in one swoop of that wand.  My lashes were fuller and longer without resorting to a second coat!              

Usually, I stick to black mascaras for ease of wear.  Nonetheless, my dark-brown eyes sporting those midnight-blue lashes along with blue liner really made them pop.  If you also are a brown-eyed girl, I do recommend this Midnight shade because this bit of color contrast can work magic for you.

All through the day, I didn’t get bloodshot, tear, itch, flake, or smudge either.  I can’t say enough nice things about how much I liked this mascara to wear as well as remove.   You got to try Mineral Fusion’s Volumizing Mascara ($18.99) for yourself.  Find it on their website or at Whole Food stores.

Monday, January 18, 2016

A Few Quick Makeup Saves to Compensate for Darker Than You Like Foundation!

Happy woman in coat looking over her shoulder.jpeg
Look at how happy this beauty is now that she knows how to solve this dark foundation problem!

Foundation can help improve the face and rid it of imperfections, uneven tone and smooth the surface so it appears flawless.  However, if you choose the wrong shade such as too dark of one, then you can just as easily be distracting from your natural beauty. Nonetheless, there are a few easy fixes that you might want to try before you toss that bad foundation choice away.

Try wetting your fingers just enough to moisten them.  After you prepare, I want you to head to your mirror. Now gently rub your moist fingers over your face and along any line of demarcation, especially near your jawline and even the neck if necessary.  Your plan is to sheer the foundation by changing its texture.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: Beyond Her Blush Beauty Subscription for Getting You Runaway Ready!--(December, 2015)

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Beyond Her Blush December 2015 Box.jpeg
Here is the Beyond Her Blush December, 2015 box.

We all love what fun it is when we get our hands on a fabulous new beauty subscription box to explore each month.  Well, ladies, prepare to get excited because the Beyond Her Blush Beauty Subscription has arrived!

What makes this beauty subscription different is that each monthly box is specially curated by a top makeup artist with quality name cosmetics, skin or hair care products, tools, etc. to help you create the trendiest looks seen on the runways.  Not only do you get a card with step-by-step instructions, but there’s an accompanying link to a YouTube video to walk you through that month’s beauty transformation.

Can you imagine a better way of always keeping up with what’s going on in the beauty world that being surprised each month than with a box like that?  You might think this sounds expensive, but Beyond Her Blush can run as little as $18 a month if you subscribe for six months or $20 per box with free continental USA shipping.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Recipe: My Lime-Coconut Sugar Cookies Are Out-of-This World Delicious!

Plate of Lime-Coconut Sugar Cookies.jpeg
You're just in time.  Here's a plate of my Lime-Coconut Sugar Cookies!

If you think that one sugar cookie is just as good as the next, then you need to taste my recipe that I have for you today. My Lime-Coconut Sugar Cookies are tender, buttery with a fine texture that practically melts in your mouth accented with a subtle sprinkling of sugar mix that includes grated lime zest and coconut flakes.

As with all my recipes, this is another simple one that will not drive you crazy with many complicated steps to prepare.  Basically, this just involves combining ingredients once you grate the zest from one lime before shaping the dough into small balls.

You’ll be surprised at how easy this dough will be to work with.  It won’t be messy and leave your fingers a sticky mess or feel overly greasy like many other similar cookie dough recipes.   

Once you shape your cookie dough balls and place on your greased cookie sheet, you need to flatten them. You can use a bottom of a glass or cup, but what I like to do is to take out a manual potato masher to press each one down because it leaves a beautiful design on top with  nooks and crannies to better to hold my topping.

Manual Potato Masher.jpeg
 I like to improvise when in a hurry.  This manual potato masher is also great tor potatoes.

Another wonderful thing about this dough is how versatile it is.  If you don’t care for lime or coconut, you can always experiment with another combination.  Orange and lemon also are yummy, but there are countless possibilities.  

I really hope that you print this recipe out before it is a definite keeper!

Friday, January 15, 2016

You’ll Make Less Mistakes Shaping Your Brows If You Follow These Tips!

Nicely Shaped Eyebrow.jpeg
This beauty knows the secret  behind perfect brows.

Shaping your eyebrows can change your entire face--that is if you do it right.  Sometimes, it can be easy to jump in with the tweezers and over pluck.  However, here is a foolproof way to save yourself grief from a bad job in the future.  

Before you pick up your tweezers again, you should look into makeup stash or head to the store to buy a white eyeliner pencil.  At this time, try using that white pencil to lightly sketch the natural shape of the brow. Think of it as making yourself a pattern of what you were born with that can easily be wiped away when finished.

Now you are ready to grab your tweezers.  Don’t ever pluck above the brows.  Instead, start at one end of your brow and tweeze one hair at a time.  Look at yourself in the mirror after each one is removed before plucking another as follow your arch.  Remember the older we get, the more gravity will cause our brows sagging downward.  But tweezing them in this fashion from underneath will give the eyes more lift.

Another thing that I want to point is both eyebrows don’t have to be exactly the same.  No one ever has ones that are identical so stop worrying about that.  

For the most natural looking brows, you might want to stick with a shape suited to your unique facial structure.  Do read my previous post on how to create the most flattering shape of brow for you.

Trust me, but these few tips and a white pencil definitely improve your odds of the best shaped brows ever. I hope that you do try them.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Some Great Stress-Busting Tricks to Nip Stress in the Bud!

Sad, long-haired woman.jpeg
When she is happy, her smile can light up a room.  However beautiful as she may be, her eyes hide nothing and tell another story.

Regardless of what you do, where you live, how rich or poor, or who you are, there is one thing each of us has in common–-some form of stress in our lives.  The problems may differ, but rest assured no one is immune.  After all, life is full of twists and turns to make it a never-ending challenge.   The real trick to living is learning how to manage that daily stress to better cope with the ups and downs. Though you may be skeptical, there are simple ways that you can help yourself de-stress through it all.

Before you allow that stressful situation to consume you, try redirecting your energy into a physical activity. Exercising your body, instead of your mind will help the brain to release that rush of mood-elevating endorphins for help in feeling better.  Scrub, vacuum, dance, take a walk, yoga, aerobics or get on your treadmill if you want.  The important thing is to do whatever exercise for at least fifteen minutes to give those positive endorphins a chance to kick in.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review + SWATCHES : Mineral Fusion Blushes (Airy, Flashy)

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Mineral Fusion Flashy Blush.jpeg
Here is Flashy Mineral Fusion Blush.

Mineral Fusion Airy Blush.jpeg
This is Mineral Fusion Airy Blush.

Who doesn’t want a blush that looks so natural that the color appears radiating from within you than some cosmetic?  There are quite a few companies that can help you do that.  However, not all their formulas with many, tiny printed chemical ingredients listed also on those products are the same despite those beauty results like what you can expect from Mineral Fusion’s cosmetics, a natural brand that offers a healthier option.  

This wonderful vegan cosmetic brand takes the guessing out of what possibly could be going into your skin with their purer formulas. Take the Mineral Fusion Blush that I got to try.  Their product has no talc, glutens, fragrance, phthalates or artificial color.  

Flashy is a warm pink with a peachy tone.  On the company’s website, they describe Airy as mauve shimmer.  Against my skin, this is a shimmer shade that has some copper to that mauve. These are the two lovely shades I was sent, but there are four other colors available. 

Swatches of Mineral Fusion Airy and Flashy Blush.jpeg
Here I swatched both Mineral Fusion Blushes for you.  Airy is closest to my wrist with Flashy on the left.

The best part is how your face looks once you dust this silky natural blush on.  I noticed that it seems to brighten the skin up, more than just from flattering color on the surface but at a deeper level.  Maybe it is the pomegranate, white tea, red tea, sea kelp, vitamins, and antioxidants that managed to pull that off. Whatever it is, my face loves the glow and so will yours.

If you want to feel like your skin is beaming, you need to visit Mineral Fusion website or Whole Foods and check out their Blushes ($21.99).  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Garnier Fructis *NEW* Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Collection!

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 Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Collection in box.jpeg
Garnier Fructis *NEW* Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Collection

Recently, I was gifted with a big box of the latest hair products from Garnier.  To my pleasant surprise, I found their new Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Collection inside that just hit store shelves earlier this month. Since I have some natural curl to my hair, I was eager to see how these five products would work.

I started off with the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Shampoo ($3.99).  If you want to linger with fragrant suds on your head, then this is what you might do once you start lathering with this gentle, delicious coconut smelling, sulfate-free and moisture-rich formula due to its coconut oil.  

The Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Conditioner ($3.99) that I followed with was just as enticing with all that coconut coming out of that bottle.  This daily conditioner helped start smoothing out some tangles my hair always has after shampooing.

The next step after I rinsed was applying the Garnier Fructis Nutrition Curl Nourish Butter Cream ($5.99).  I squeezed about a quarter size amount of this deep leave-in conditioner.  This stuff quickly got rid any last remaining knots before I sampled the Garnier Fructis Nutrition Curl Nourish Loosening Pudding ($4.29).

Monday, January 11, 2016

Has Your Hair Been Refusing to Grow Lately? Here’s Help You Need to End That Problem!

Blonde woman with long hair side view.jpeg
This beauty knows caring for hair as lovely as hers involves more than just products.

Heredity has a lot to do with how quickly hair can grow.  On an average, it grows about a half inch a month for most people and much faster for others.  However, if your hair has suddenly been refusing to grow as fast as it used to, then there could be reasons that you might want to think about.

Have you been ill lately or taking new medications? Drugs such as various ones for cholesterol, thyroid, antidepressants, weight loss drugs, anticoagulants (blood thinners), and even some new birth control pills among others can play a part in slowing hair growth.  This is just one possibility that, perhaps, can be easily solved by having your doctor substitute another drug.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review: Beauty Box 5 January 2016

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Beauty Box 5 January 2016 box.jpeg
Beauty Box 5 January 2016 is all about hair, hands and nail care.

Beauty Box 5 starts the new year with a focus on six beauty products for giving us impeccably styled hair and nails.  Ev’rythang Done is the theme because feeling perfectly groomed empowers a woman enough so any task or problem seems solvable!

If this beauty box subscription is new to you, then you really need to give it a shot because it is a fun and inexpensive way to shop for beauty.  The cost is only $12 a month with free shipping.  Each green box arrives usually with five full and sample size cosmetics, skin care, hair care to nail products. 

Are you ready to check out the contents of what this month brought?  Then get comfortable because here come the beauty goodies that you may expect.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Recipe: My Spicy Applesauce-Molasses Bars Are Easy and Make an Ideal Lower-Calorie Treat!

Different view of a Spicy Applesauce-Molasses Bar.jpeg
My Spicy Applesauce-Molasses Bar is great when you want something yummy in a hurry that is not overly rich.

Trying to watch your weight and still enjoy sweets is possible with this easy treat that I want to share with you. This recipe will make only enough of these delicious bars to enjoy without overproducing to later tempt you, but they do keep well if you have any left the next day.  

My Spicy Applesauce-Molasses Bars are in between a dense snack cake and a bar cookie with just enough molasses and zingy spices to make the taste memorable, especially once topped sparingly with a butter cream frosting. 

My recipe only uses one-fourth cup of oil.  Instead, the applesauce serves to replace some of that oil’s missing moistening power that normally would have been necessary for baking.  If you don’t have any applesauce on hand, you can peel and cook a few apples (two medium ones) and make your own.

I hope that the next time you get the urge for something sweet and feel like baking that you will print out my recipe.  I do think that you will like it.