Monday, August 31, 2015

If Your Complexion Isn’t Responding to Your Night Cream the Way You Had Hoped–Your Application May Be the Reason!

skin care cream.jpeg
As important as ingredients are, it is just as vital to a beautiful complexion knowing the right amount needed to properly nourish the skin.

Most of us don’t bother thinking how much night cream that we apply.  All we do is to stick our finger in that jar or pump out some in our hand and blindly pat and work the product into our skin.  Yet, what we are doing could be harming our skin more than it could be helping our complexion–-that is, if we are using too much.

You may believe more night cream is better, but you would be wrong.  Instead of feeding your skin with the nourishment it needs from those expensive ingredients what you are actually doing is stuffing the pores with so much that the products ends up sitting on the surface only to clog or irritate pores.  

The best course of action is understanding the correct amount, which is one-fourth of a teaspoon.  If you’re not sure of what one-fourth teaspoon would look like then an easy solution is to go into your spoon drawer and pull out your measuring spoons.  Once you fill that one-fourth spoon with your night cream, you’ll become more acquainted with what the amount of cream should look like.

After applying that recommended amount, you should have enough night cream to cover your entire face and even your neck.  However, if you run out before finishing, then you are piling the product in too heavily.   The next time, you might want to try dabbing a few well- placed dots over the areas first before working the cream in.  You will get better and more even distribution.

For those that might be using a richer cream for the neck area as I suggested earlier since the skin is more fragile, you need to make an adjustment and use one-eight of a teaspoon of night cream when doing your face and another one-eight teaspoon of neck cream.

Do your skin this small favor and wait to see how much more beautiful your complexion will look.  Just as beautiful is the money that you will also save by needing to buy that expensive jar or bottle not as often as before.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Crazy Makeup Trick That Makes Extremely Dark Circles and Habitual Under Eye Bags Less Visible!

Brown woman's eye.jpeg
If you tried every makeup trick in the book and still haven't got the results you would like, you need to try this simple technique.  

If you tried practically every concealer for heavy duty circles and eye cream for dealing with swollen, puffy eyes and haven’t found the amount of help you need, then l have a suggestion that you should explore.  Try brushing the area with a matte nude blush or bronzer.  The color seems to help counteract that extreme darkness or the look of puffiness better than trying to tackle the problem with concealer alone. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recipe: Try My Cheddar Pizza for a Delicious Change of Pace!

Cheddar Pizza side view.jpeg
My Cheddar Pizza is a special treat.

I am a pizza enthusiast.  My love for this sauced up bread with cheese piled high is well known by all that know me.  Therefore, today I have a delightful twist on traditional pizza with all that tomato sauce and fragrant Italian herbs, oozing with lots of Mozzarella cheese that will take your tastebuds by surprise with my Cheddar Pizza.  

Imagine a thin homemade crust with just enough pizza or spaghetti sauce to moisten over that unbaked dough before loading it up with an avalanche of your favorite Cheddar cheese while finishing off that wonder with some freshly cut slices of Jalapeno peppers.  This may seem foreign and not what you expect, but I assure you that its golden cheesiness is guaranteed to win you over.

I must be truthful with you.  Making a pizza crust at home is the easiest raised dough that you could ever try. The secret of success is following my recipe because it is foolproof. Your biggest obstacle is just making sure not to kill the yeast when you proof it in some hot water with some of the sugar.    

I promise you that once you start making your pizza dough from scratch that you will wonder how you ever put up with that cardboard like crust that you may pick up in your freezer section when shopping. Furthermore, you will save yourself money from the need to buy your pizzas ever again.  

All I say is to give it a try. You will LOVE the delicious results!  

Mary's Cheddar Pizza

Cheddar Pizza lengthwise.jpeg
The taste of my Cheddar Pizza is yum, yum, good!

Pizza Dough:

1 cup of water
2-1/2 cups of flour
2 tablespoons of canola oil
1 teaspoon of dry yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of sugar

Cheddar Topping:

3-1/2 cups of grated Cheddar Cheese
3 tablespoons  of pizza or spaghetti sauce (or just enough to moisten the dough) 
2 Jalapeno peppers, cleaned and cut into pieces (you can remove the seeds, but I leave them in for an extra nip)

To Make the Dough:

Add half the sugar to your warm water, not hot water, stir trying to dissolve the yeast and let it sit in your mixing bowl until the yeast starts bubbling.  When it has some foaming action, you're ready to add the dry ingredients.

Add the flour a little at a time along with the remaining sugar, oil, and salt.  Stir with a wooden spoon until the dough is no longer sticky.  You want a soft, pliable ball.

The weather can influence the feel of your dough.  Some days it may be too humid for example and you may need to add more flour or even less, depending on how sticky that ball feels on your fingers.  Don’t be afraid of adding a bit more flour or even using less if that dough no longer feels sticky.

Let your dough rest and grow, covered for at least 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours.

After that time, the dough should have grown slightly.  Take that dough and put it in your greased baking pan and stretch to fit.  (For this recipe, I used a large round 12-inch size  pizza pan).

Top with just enough of the pizza or spaghetti sauce to moisten the dough.  You don’t want the same amount of sauce as you would a traditional pizza.

Then load up with all that grated Cheddar Cheese (you can even add more, if you like) and your peppers.

Bake in a 400-degree oven for about 15 minutes or until the bottom crust become slightly brown.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Review + Swatches: NYC New York Color Smooth Skin BB Creme Instant Matte Line!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**
NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Instant Matte BB Cremes.jpeg
NYC New York Color's Smooth Skin BB Creme Instant Matte

Sometimes, your complexion doesn’t need much makeup, but just enough to even out your skin tone.  A wonderful option is a multitasking BB or CC cream that combines skin care along with foundation.  Since I liked how the original NYC New York Color Smooth Skin BB Creme for worked, I wanted to see how their matte version that PR provided would measure up.

NYC New York Color’s latest addition to their original BB Creme may be just the perfect choice for those with normal to oily complexions that haven’t been having much luck with this type of product before.  I say this because this creamy formula did manage to smooth and brighten without any shine from morning until late afternoon.  The finish was more of a soft powdery texture.

swatches of Smooth Skin Instant Matte BB Cremes.jpeg
On the left is Medium Smooth Skin Instant Matte BB Creme with Light on the right.

Personally, I prefer the original for that dewy glow over this toned down, but bright powdery effect with my dry skin.  However, I do think you will love this inexpensive $3.99 product if you are prone to oiliness so do make it a point to check NYC New York Color's Smooth Skin BB Creme Instant Matte line out.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review + Swatches: Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Touch in SOL Eye and Lip Products for Beautiful Definition!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**

Touch in SOL Style Neon Galactic Girl Eyeliner.jpeg
Touch in SOL's Galactic Girl was my favorite bright shade.  The violet with brown really rocked the color in a sensational way.

Giving eyes and lips some dazzling glamour is easy when you find the right cosmetics to help with the task. With the products that I was sent from Korean beauty brand, Touch in SOL, I discovered how to give my features an exciting change through neon color and vivid definition.

Before I tried these wild colors on, I was a bit hesitant about Touch in SOL’s new Style Neon Super Proof Gel Eyeliners ($16) for their unconventional effect.  However, the fun was what came next once I started playing with these creamy, well-pigmented waterproof liners and experimenting with how to turn up the wattage of my eyes by combining colors or eye shadow for reinventing new looks.  

I found laying down a bold bright line as I did with their riveting violet Galatic Girl played up the color of my brown eyes even more than I expected.  You might say it brought them into beautiful focus.

The Astral Ice, an electric blue color, paired with shimmering champagne and bronze shadow gave my eyes an edgy update.   
Touch in SOL Style Neon Astral Ice Eyeliner.jpeg
Astral Ice is not for the shy.  This lively liner is meant to be noticed.

Not to be outdone was the way my eyes looked once I tried on Eclectic Electric, the teal pencil, which by the time I finished my makeup seemed to make my eyes look huge with what the brilliance of that color did to resize my eyes.  
Touch in SOL Style Neon Eclectic Electric Eyeliner.jpeg
Eclectic Electric is bold fun.  Wearing this liner brings out your playful, daring side.

Lights Out was a rich matte black that also applied effortlessly for a pencil due to its beneficial oils such as argan, apricot, calendula, jojoba seed, olive, and rose.  One other color is available in this line called Cosmic Carrot, a bright orange, but I did not get that one to test.   
Touch in SOL Style Neon Lights Out Eyeliner.jpeg
Lights Out is classic, rich black that blends as easily as it glides on.

You should see the extra impact that is possible once you retrace over that dark black with one of these bright neon pencils alongside. The size of my eyes seemed to take on a new proportion with how that bit of wild color only brought more attention to the area.
Touch in SOL Style Neon Eyeliner & One Second Lip Crayon swatches.jpeg
For your viewing pleasure, I swatched the shades for you.  Starting on the left is  Red Chili One Second Vivid Lip Crayon followed by Lights Out, Eclectic Electric, Galactic Girl, and ending with Astral Ice Style Neon Super Proof Gel Eyeliners on the right.

These pencils stay put, despite rubbing your eyes or when it comes to taking them off.  You will need your eye makeup remover to get them to budge.  Soap and water or a rinseable cleanser just will not cut it.

I also was sent one of the Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter ($21) pens for accentuating the brow area or other facial highlighting in #001 For Your Eyes Only, a matte pink.  This is one of those sponge-tipped pens that you twist to release the liquid that later turns into powder form.  The formula has argan, olive, and jojoba seed oils, which makes for smooth gliding.  As to shades, there are three other shades ranging from subtle in how it catches the light to full shimmer that I would have preferred for any highlighting.  
Touch in SOL Light Bright.jpeg
Light Bright Brow Spot Highlighter

The eye product that totally won my heart was Touch in SOL’s Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara ($22).  The formula is gentle, lightweight and amazing with how its air polymer powder manages to find and wrap around each lash to build them up without clumping or stiffness just by working that wonderful curved brush.  My lashes looked longer from its silk proteins, more lush, blacker, and even had some additional curl to them once I finished after just one coat.  Even after rubbing my eyes, I am happy to say no flaking or smudging.  
Touch in SOL Stretchex Mascara.jpeg
Stretchex really lengthens and adds ample volume!

The last product in my box was a One Second Vivid Lip Crayon ($16).  The one that I got was Hot Chili (bright red-orange), a highly-pigmented color that has a surprising amount of moisture for a satin matte finish crayon thanks to its phyto seed oil complex. There are three other shades in this line from Tulip Pink, Wild Tangerine to Yellow Bird.
Touch in SOL One Second Lip Crayon.jpeg
One Second Vivid Lip Crayon in Red Chili
Modeling Red Chili Lip Crayon.jpeg
This is me wearing Red Chili One Second Vivid Lip Crayon.

This was my first time using any products from Touch in SOL, but now I am hooked after this experience.  I plan on looking into the All in One Beauty Aid Cream next with the cold weather inching closer.  Have you tried this beauty brand yet?  Do check their products out, especially that Stretchex Mascara because I promise that you’ll love Touch in SOL! 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nail Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss for Healthier, Beautiful Nails!

woman getting manicure.jpeg
Sometimes, the littlest changes can make a difference in the appearance and health of your nails.

Not very long ago, my fingernails were an abomination.  They were weak, developing a strange curve, and breaking regardless of strengthening products, nail polishes, etc. Finally, I did find a solution and turned that ugly nail problem around.  Today, I want to share some valuable nail tips that definitely can help you too!

Your diet plays a part in how your nails look.  Even though you may think that you are eating all the right nutrients, you could be lacking essential building blocks of what makes up those nails.  Don’t forget, the medications you take even over-the-counter ones may help alter the nutrients that your body is actually taking in.  Therefore, it is quite possible that you may need a biotin supplement.  Please look for one that has some sort of regulatory seal before you swallow or better yet talk to your doctor first if you're on medication. (When it comes to what goes into our vitamins, we are left at the mercy of companies with how this industry is currently regulated.  If you don’t believe me, then read my earlier post and look at the picture of what a seemingly innocent vitamin did to me).

Another important thing is keeping your nails from drying further.  Make it a habit to apply hand cream or lotion every chance that you get and be sure to rub some in over your nails in the process.  The hand cream will replenish that moisture and help further condition nails. 

Before you attempt to paint your nails, it is a good idea not to do it regularly.  Nails need time to breathe, especially less than healthy ones.  Try spacing your manicures out and skipping a week in between doing another.  

Something else to keep in mind is reading the labels of your current nail products to avoid bad ingredients that could be contributing to this problem.  For instance, toluene and formaldehyde that are used by some brands for thickening and use in how well the polish adheres to the nail are, in fact, very harsh and bring on brittleness.  Acetone in nail polish removers also can zap all the moisture from nails, causing them to dry out.  A better option would be switching to a non-acetone remover or at least relying on the acetone variety less than you had.

Learn to respect your cuticles since they protect the root of your nail from infection.  Be careful with that skin. Cutting it is a bad move and can hurt how the nail grows.  Instead, gently use your orange stick and push the cuticle back with a towel after showering.

We all heard of nail salons that can pass on infections because of less than sanitary handling of their tools and products.  Yet, it is just as critical to keep your home manicure tools as sanitary as possible by cleaning them with soap and water each time you use them.  

The way you file your nails to shape them can also affect your nail’s health.  Square nails are quite popular, but if made very square those nails also have a tendency to tear at the corners.  If you file the nails too round at the corners, the same holds true, but  only what you’ll be doing is making them more prone to splitting.  What I suggest is incorporating both the square and oval shape while filing to form the squoval shape, a square that you gently round at the corners.  

Just as important to nail shape is giving some thought to nail length.  When you have extremely long nails, you have greater chances of breaking them compared to somewhat shorter nails.  Furthermore, a shorter length looks more polished and professional than nails that look like talons.

For more nail help, do look in my labels section under nails for additional tips and DIY treatments.  Take care and try these tips, but just remember to be patient.  I am sure that you will see an improvement soon enough!  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review + Swatches: Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Blush Tint and Brush Duo Stains (Rose, Peach Bellini)

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Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stain (rose).jpeg
Here is how Rose appears in Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stains.

I have become quite fond of blush sticks lately. They are wonderful for creating an instant healthy, but more suitably moist glow for dry skin like mine. Since I also had fallen in love with Pur Minerals Chateau Lip Gloss, I was eager to try their new Chateau Cheek Blush Tints and Brush Duo Stains that came out earlier this Summer 2015 because mineral cosmetics also happen to be a great choice for healthier ingredients that can be absorbed into the skin. PR was kind enough to send along the Rose and Peach Bellini of the four shades in the line for this review.

Besides enriching the skin with antioxidant-rich wine extracts that can help with anti-aging, this gel-like formula stick is unique in another way.  It sports a brush at one end of its blush stick!  

When I first swatched the two shades on my arm, I could see the appealing pink beauty of the Rose shade, gleaming in the light.  However, the Peach Bellini went on so sheer next to it that I could hardly detect that pale orange color.  The photograph looked worse.

Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stain (peach bellini).jpeg
Look at Peach Bellini in Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stains.

I didn’t know how I would get photographs of such transparent color, if this was the best I could get out of these sticks.  Then, I decided to try them directly on my face to see if that would make any difference.

Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stains showing the brush.jpeg
Here is the Peach Bellini stick with the brush.
Lo and behold, the rose color appeared even more a cool pink that gave my cheeks such dewy freshness, blooming with a natural gleaming pink softness.  The Peach Bellini did not disappoint in delivering an infusion of a lively orange color that when blended transformed into a softer natural peach.  

The easiest way to deepen the color is layering more on.  I tried using the brush for blending and it works well for this purpose.  Nonetheless, there is a kink though to this design when it comes to the cap, which makes it a small feat recapping it without harming the bristles in the process.  I wouldn’t be all that concerned about this cap problem because you will probably use this blush stick before the brush will be too hard to work with anyway.

Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stain swatches.jpeg
The Rose is swatched under my thumb and the Peach Bellini is closest to my little finger.

My favorite shade was the Rose with my fair complexion.  The Peach Bellini was beautiful, but had bit more yellow to the peach that for someone with a warm pale skin tone would find brought out more sallowness.

Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Stain swatches in the light.jpeg
Here's another photo of the two shades in the light.  See how both the Rose and Peach Bellini gleam.

Have you tried any of these new Pur Minerals Chateau Cheek Blush Tint and Brush Duo Stains yet yourself?  They retail for $26.  Check them out the company’s website or Kohls because they are wonderful additions to your makeup bag!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Katy Perry Royal Revolution Eau de Parfum Review + ($30) Giveaway!–Ends September 11, 2015

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own  opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.

Royal Revolution Perfume.jpeg
Royal Revolution Eau de Parfum

Superstar singer, Katy Perry, knows how to make a fun, but dramatic impression whether on stage or with her fragrance line done in conjunction with Coty Beauty.  For her third perfume’s release in 2014, she made sure to take no prisoners with this unique, creamy fruity-floral perfume created by perfumer, Pierre Negrin, with her Royal Revolution Eau de Parfum.

With top notes of pink freesia and red pomegranates, the opening is sweet and juicy.  This combo seems to sugarcoat the floral note with its red fruity essence instead of contributing an element of freshness as you might expect.

By the time this fragrance warms in the heart, the notes of sandalwood, orange flower and jasmine petals take ranking precedence for an alluring hold on the senses that is unexplainable in how it effortlessly captivates.  

However, the real magic to this fragrance happens in the base.  The note of blackthorn in particular seems to cast a spell of crushing resistance like an initial weapon to break hearts before the rest of the notes of vanilla orchid, leather, and skin musk emerge,  arriving to finish what it has won with its dominating power. Making sure to take no prisoners, Royal Revolution is creamy, sweet seduction that you wish would never stop with an unexpected powdery twist within its depths.

I enjoyed this fragrance very much.  My only wish is to make its lovely blue diamond bottle to stand instead of needing to lie flat so it could take less space on my crowded vanity.

Have you tried Katy Perry’s Royal Revolution perfume yet?  If not, you owe it to yourself to check this fragrance out.

Thanks to Coty Beauty and Katy Perry Fragrances , one lucky Nuts 4 Stuff reader in the United States wins a one-oz. bottle of Royal Revolution Eau de Parfum ($30 value)!

Giveaway details and how to enter–

Prize: One (1) winner will a one-oz. bottle of Katy Perry’s Eau de Parfum ($30 value)!

Dates of entry: 08/24/15–09/11/2015 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time

Eligibility: Open to USA.  The winner will need to respond to my email with name and shipping address within 48-hours or another winner will be picked.  

How to Enter:  Please use the Rafflecopter widget if it works.  You can also enter by clicking this link or try to enter using another browser. You can return daily and log in again with your email to tweet or to vote daily for Nuts 4 Stuff on Picket Fence Blogs.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Order of How You Apply Your Eyeliner and Shadows Matter When Perfecting Your Look!

woman with pretty eye makeup.jpeg
This beauty knows the secret of getting the most out of her makeup.

Here’s a simple makeup trick that will save you a bit of time when doing your eyes.  Lining your eyes before applying eye shadow can dull the color of that line.  However, you can often solve that little problem by reversing the order of using your eye shadow first and then laying down a better colored line.  

This quick tip will only help give those eyes all the more alluring impact!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Recipe: My Spicy Choco-Apple Bars Recipe Is a Delicious Way to Put Those Apples to Good Use!

Spicy Choco-Apple bar.jpeg
A Spicy Choco-Apple Bar 

My Spicy Choco-Apple Bars combines a few of my favorite flavors of apples, chocolate and spices in these moist, fruity bars.  This recipe is also another easy one that hardly requires much effort except for basic assembling of the ingredients, a bit of mixing, and peeling a few apples. The truth is the hardest part of making my bars will be waiting for them to come out of your oven!

I hope that when you are in the mood to bake and have apples on hand that you will want to print my recipe and give it a try because it is sinfully good.  

My Spicy Choco-Apple Bars

½ cup of butter
1 cup of sugar
2 large eggs
1-1/4 cups of flour
1 cup of rolled oats
1 teaspoon of baking powder, leveled
½ teaspoon of baking soda, leveled
½ teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon of ground cloves
½ teaspoon of nutmeg
1-1/2 cups of peeled, finely diced apples (about four small apples)

Cream the butter with your sugar throughly.

Add your eggs next into that mixing bowl with the sugar-butter mixture and beat again. 

In another mixing bowl, sift all the dry ingredients together except the oats.

Stir in the oats along with the moist ingredients to the sifted dry ones until everything is well combined.

Add the finely chopped apples last to the batter and pour into a well-greased 12-3/4" x 9" x 2" baking pan and bake in a 375-degree oven for about 25 minutes, depending on how your oven is regulated.  Test if done with a toothpick.

Cool slightly before attempting to cut into bars.


Friday, August 21, 2015

You Got to Try My Friend’s DIY Zucchini Pimple Busting Mask Because I Saw How It Helped Her!

Zucchini is not only good to eat, but also has benefits for your skin.

If you have been suffering with an oily complexion that is prone to breaking out, then you might want to try my friend’s DIY recipe for this Pimple Busting Facial Mask.  I have dry skin so I can’t tell you from personal experience how it worked, but you wouldn’t believe the striking change in my friend’s formerly shiny, pimple-prone face with how it is now glowing.

The ingredients she used made sense.  After all, the grated zucchini had plenty of helpful antioxidants like vitamin A and C as well as skin-healing minerals from potassium and manganese, an amino acid, which can play a part in spurring the skin’s collagen production.  

The oatmeal was great, being a rich source of vitamins, minerals and lipids, especially for soothing as it mildly moisturizes due to its anti-inflammatory and  anti-oxidant properties. At the same time, it would be a gentle cleanser for aggravated skin due to its saponins.

Honey was another ingredient that would benefit troubled skin since it can kill bacteria with antimicrobial properties, necessary to help those pimples heal while also being a natural humectant to lock moisture in.

The final ingredient she had written down was aloe vera gel.  This was a fine choice since it also had antimicrobial properties for fighting bacteria.

Jan’s DIY Pimple Busting Mask  

1 tiny baby zucchini (about four inches long)
6 tablespoons of finely ground oatmeal to make your own colloidal oatmeal
1/4 cup of water
2 teaspoons of honey
2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel

Blend the zucchini with the water until smooth.  Next, strain and add the honey and aloe vera gel before setting aside.  

Take out your food processor, a coffee grinder or clean your blender and dry first before adding the oatmeal and processing until you get a fine powder. 

Mix about two tablespoons of the powder with ample zucchini liquid (but not all of it) in a small bowl.  Keep stirring until it starts to thicken to a paste.

Apply this mask to your freshly washed face.  Keep this mask on for about 30 minutes until it thoroughly dries.

Store the remaining liquid covered in a jar in your refrigerator to use over the next few days.  This will not keep for too long so put it up front in the refrigerator where you will be sure to see it.

The oatmeal powder is fine stored on your pantry shelf.  

I do hope that you try this recipe because it possibly could be the answer to your skin woes as well!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: My Sensitive Skin Loves L’Occitane en Provence’s Angelica Hydra Vital Cream!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**
L’Occitane's Angelica Hydra Vital Cream.jpeg
L'Occitane's Angelica Hydra Vital Cream 

This is the time of year that I love for the weather, but not for my skin due to all the different pollens in the air.  Lately, my face felt irritated from just about everything that I normally use.  One bottle and jar after the next kept getting pushed aside even ones meant for sensitive skin were still not helping soothe the hurt.  The only thing that had been easing my discomfort was milk applied directly after I washed, but you can’t wear a coat of milk all day. Therefore, you can’t imagine my relief when that jar of Angelica Hydra Vital Cream from L’Occitane en Provence showed up at my door.

This is a light cream that absorbed beautifully and brought lasting relief almost instantly.  Besides how it calmed my agitated skin with its angelica essential oil and water, this refreshing cream provided wonderful hydration without an excess shine or a greasy feel to my face.  The more that I used the Angelica Hydra Vital Cream ($44), the more that my complexion seemed to thrive with new vitality and softness.  Despite this not being an anti-aging cream, I noticed how well this product performed even to help plump up some lines.  

Take it from me, if you are suffering and are running out of options on how to soothe sensitive skin, L’Occitane en Provence’s Angelica line deserves your attention. The Angelica Hydra Vital Cream helps tenderly care for skin while enhancing your complexion’s radiance at the same time.  I can’t think of anything better, can you?  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why You Should Be Conditioning Your Lashes and Eyebrows Every Night!

Long eyelashes.jpeg
You may reach new lash extremes after you read this beauty post.

Some of us are lucky to be born with a crop of thick, long lashes while others of us get just so-so lashes or short, scrawny ones.  However, sooner or later age catches up with everyone due to the change in our eyelash follicles, which slows and sometimes even prevents our lashes from regrowing.  Despite this alarming news, there are some helpful things that you should be doing each night to stimulate and keep you lashes and brows healthy and beautiful.

Make it a habit of conditioning your lashes before bedtime.  What this does is moisturize, encourage new growth and provide your lashes and brows with a protective coat to keep them strong. Of course, you can turn to a conditioning lash serum or some wonderful DIY beauty remedies that I am about to share here.  

Castor oil is great for this purpose, especially if you buy the purest form, cold-pressed.  I told you how I like to apply this oil in an earlier post.  Other oils that you probably have at home right now that also work well are sweet almond, coconut, olive, argan and sesame oils.  Pour a little on a cotton ball or a cotton swab and gently dab over clean lashes and eyebrows, working into the roots. 

Another excellent choice is vitamin E oil.  Though you can take a pin to a vitamin E gelatin capsule and squeeze the contents out to your cotton ball or swab, I recommend the liquid vitamin E oil (70000 IU) strength done in the same way.  Personally, I prefer castor oil for this purpose, but the vitamin E oil is also very good.  Since we are all different genetically, I suggest experiment to see which oil gives you the best results.   

Besides nightly conditioning, you also should give some thought to exfoliate and massaging those lashes and eyebrows.  The reason this is important is to keep those hair follicles from being clogged with dead skin cells from any lingering traces of eye makeup. What helps is using your fingertips and gently massaging both lashes and brows for just a few seconds first before finally washing your face.  This technique will increase blood circulation that is necessary for prompting growth.

Still, there is another solution open to you.  This is lash serum, if you want to explore that option since this type of product often has an exfoliating ingredient such as hyaluronic acid as well as conditioners. 

Regardless of your choice, healthy, long lashes and eyebrows are often within reach with a little time and patience!    

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review: Beauty Box 5 August 2015--An Exceptional Beauty Stash!

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**
Beauty Box 5 August 2015.jpeg
Beauty Box 5 August 2015 

As Summer continues to wind down, we can look forward to getting ready for Fall.  This month’s beauty box assortment is about doing some primping with some new cosmetics, skin and hair care that will help give you a beautiful fresh start for a brand-new season.  

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty box subscription that I really enjoy digging into.  Every green mystery box is so fun to explore because you can always expect about four or five full to sample size beauty products. You get both familiar brands as well as new ones, which is exciting when finding something that works magic for you that you never knew existed until that little box arrived.  And yet, the cost for this monthly bit of fun is just $12 a month with free shipping.

For instance, let me show you what this latest beauty box was like.  Wait until you see!

Beauty Box 5 August 2015

1.  Donnamax Printed Nail-File with Case–Full Size–$4.99

2.  Starlooks Lux Longwear eyeliner Pen in Plum –Full Size–$19.99

3.  Hask Beauty Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment–Full Size–$2.39

4.  Jerome Alexander Hot Stuff Go Pop Compact –Full Size–$10.99

5.  Pur~lisse Pur Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer–Sample Size (.5 oz.)–$18.00

Total Approximate Value–$56.36

The Donnamax Nail-File with Case was an insightful addition to this assortment.  This is great for throwing in your handbag because when is it that you don’t need a nail file? The case makes it more sanitary as well as convenient when rummaging through your cosmetic bag.

The Starlooks Lux Longwear eyeliner pen went on wonderfully.  It made a smooth line in a color that complimented my dark brown eyes so I will continue enjoying using that pen.

The Hask Beauty Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment I will be trying once I finish my current hair product testing.  Again, I think the company made a good choice because Summer heat can really take a toll on our hair.  

The Jerome Alexander Hot Stuff Go Pop Compact is strong looking and extra easy to open.  The only fault with this is no protective plastic over the lip shades or eye shadows.  Other than that, this is a great little set except I would not wear a bright mint green or the paler green of these shimmer shades. A grayish shimmer color is the last shade. The lip colors are a rose with gold, an orange and a pink nude with some shimmer to it.

Finally, I got a tube of Pur~lisse Pur Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer.  I got samples of this brand before and like how they work on my sensitive skin.  This formula is anti-aging and uses plant extracts and vitamins for moisturizing.  

I think August 2015 was a very good month of products for us, beauty loving girls for Beauty Box 5.  Don’t you agree?  Do check the company’s website out because it is a great way to shop for beauty.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: ZO Skin Health Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine. All links are "no-follow" links.**
Oclipse Smart Tone sunscreen.jpeg
Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Sunscreen  SPF 50

Even though all of us have different types of skin, we all share the same concern of caring for it the best we can.  Besides trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet,  we turn to skin care products to protect and hydrate.

Some people may think that they are immune from sun damage. A while back, I was flying and sat across from a woman with such deeply tanned skin reminding me of baked ham against her gold lame blouse.  She was not exceptionally old, but by the texture of her crispy looking skin, I can only imagine what she looks like now. After that trip, I made it a mission never to skip wearing SPF every time I step outdoors because the condition of that woman's abused skin still haunts me.

This cutting-edge sunscreen is unique in formulation as well as its sheer, skin-matching tint that has a BB cream like texture.   The product has won the approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation for effectiveness for UVA/UVB photostable sun protection since it is a 12-hour time release antioxidant complex.

Oclipse Smart Tone Sunscreen uses fractioned melanin, which further enhances its power. This ingredient defends the skin against damaging high-energy (HEV) light that causes premature aging and redness.  The other active ingredients include avobenzone (3%), homosalate (10%), octisalate (5%), and octocrylrne (10%). It also has vitamin C to help skin from darkening.  

Like all sunscreens, you need to apply this in advance before sun exposure.  This one recommends using about a dime size amount at least 15 minutes of going outdoors. The gentle product has a creamy consistency and goes on as a pale milky white but soon adapts to your own individual skin color, which was interesting since it works for all skin tones.  It sinks into the skin fairly fast and has moisturizing softness instead of that greasy, sunscreen feel that often accompany this type of product.  

I do like how ZO Skin Health Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Sunscreen works. However, it is rather pricey.  The tube sells for $70 for 1.5 fl. oz.  Do visit the company’s website and check it out.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review + Swatches: Sally Hansen’s Spring/Summer 2015 Rodarte Nails to Keep Summer Going As Long As Possible!

Disclaimer: This post is based on a free product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.
Sally Hansen #843 Pink Shell nail polish.jpeg
Here is  Sally Hansen's #843 Pink Shell from the 2015 Rodarte Nails Collection.

The Spring/Summer 2015 Rodarte nail shades from Sally Hansen are like chic accessories for your hands. The three Salon Manicure colors that I tried are absolutely gorgeous additions for nails in the way they style your hands with refinement and flare.

Of this company’s nail polishes, I think the Salon Manicure line is one of the best for a variety of reasons.  I love how this formula is free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor to better preserve health.  Another fabulous plus for this line is the big brush for easier maneuvering and how many days you can get without chipping before needing to remove this polish.  I get about a week, which is impressive considering there is housework involved that always seems to help to shorten the length of my nail polishes.

Sally Hansen #843 Pink Shell nails swatched.jpeg
How do you like #843 Pink Shell?

If you want some great, easy to wear neutral shades that are stunning, I suggest you hurry to your drugstore or wherever you shop for Sally Hansen products and pick up #841 Pink Sand (light pink-toned beige without any shimmer) and #843 Pink Shell (pink-beige with shimmering luster like a sea shell) before these limited shades vanish.

Sally Hansen #841 Pink Sand nail polish.jpeg
This is #841 Pink Sand,.

Sally Hansen #841 Pink Sand nails swatched.jpeg
This #841 Pink Sand goes with every outfit.

#848 Kashmir Valley is also another lovely choice.  This is a peach-pink that will do the trick to light up your hands with a bright splash of color.

Sally Hansen #848 Kashmir Valley nail polish.jpeg
#848 Kashmir Valley

Sally Hansen #848 Kashmir Valley nail polish swatched.jpeg
Another wonderful shade is #848 Kasmir Valley.

My advice is check these Sally Hansen Spring/Summer 2015 Rodarte shades in the Salon Manicure line out because they can keep that beauty of Summer alive!