Thursday, June 30, 2016

Play It Safe: How to Care for Bee or Wasp Stings!

bee on a flower.jpeg
You could smell too sweet and be mistaken for a flower.

I don’t want to put a damper on your outdoor summer activities and picnics that you have planned, especially with the upcoming July Fourth holiday.  However, you’re not alone out there.  As you’re having fun with friends or family or just soaking up the sun, bees and wasps could spoil a day. Though I hate to be a pessimist, I just wanted to pass along some helpful tips on the best ways to treat a bee or wasp sting.  After all, it’s always better to be prepared with a little knowledge than suffering longer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Are You Wondering How to Get Your Eyeliner on More Precisely?

woman with closed eyes and nicely done eye makeup.jpeg
This beauty knows how to lay down a thin line.

Though some like a thick, heavy line around the eye, I prefer keeping my daytime look more natural with a thinner line.  Of course, if you do it with a pencil, then laying down that line is easier to control or for smudging away any mistakes. On the other hand, liquid and gel eye liners that I also use, but more for nights are more complicated, especially if you’re trying not to overdo and exaggerate the eye. 

I originally shared how to pencil in your own pattern before going over it with your liquid or gel liner.  This can give you a nice line–that is, if you can draw  it skinny enough and keep your hand steady. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How to Change the Texture of Your Blush for a More Youthful, Dewy Glow!

makeup products with cream blush.jpeg
Age or skin type can benefit  simply by changing the texture of your blush!

The more we age, the more we keep needing to rethink our makeup and skin care products to adapt to our changing faces as they tend to dull, lose elasticity and often dry.  Perhaps, you have been noticing that some blush shades that you used to wear now seem too harsh and exaggerate problem areas.  If so, I have a great way solution that can easily change all that for you by customizing your own blush mix to mute the color for a softer, healthy glow.

To do this, you need a cream blush and tinted moisturizer.  Though any tinted moisturizer will do, I found the illuminating formulas are especially wonderful for adding radiance.

What you can do is mix some of each the cream blush and tinted moisturizer in the palm of your hand so you’ll have enough for both cheeks, then apply and blend with your foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer that you wear.  The end product that you’ll see once you glance into the mirror is a beautiful, more translucent effect that will be much kinder to your face.

Regardless of how old you are, anyone with a dry complexion can benefit from this makeup trick as well.  Try my makeup tip because it does help take some years off and who doesn't love that?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sally Hansen’s NEW Royal Splendor Miracle Gel Collection (Can’t Take Back Royalty, Plush Blush, Regal Rose) Review + Swatches--A Summer Beauty Must!

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Sally Hansen's Royal Splendor Miracle Gel Nail Polishes of Plush Blush, Can’t Take Back Royalty, Regal Rose, and Top Coat.jpeg
Starting on the left is Sally Hansen's Plush Blush, Can’t Take Back Royalty, Regal Rose, and Top Coat on the right.

Just as a great statement piece of jewelry can update your wardrobe to make it current, new cosmetics and nail polish can help do the same for a fresh new look for your face and nails.  Sally Hansen’s Royal Splendor Miracle Gel Collection, set to debut in July 2016, has the summer chic shades and durability that can demand attention.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Why You May Want to Avoid Lip Gloss When Spending Time in the Sun!

modeling red lip gloss.jpeg
Red lips, especially orange-toned reds, are huge this summer 2016, but wear them wear.

Though lip gloss can beautifully enhance lips, you may want to avoid this particular lip product if you plan on spending some time in the sun.  The reason is how its shine can more easily attract the sun’s rays compared to a less reflective matte, cream or lacquer lipstick. Those can obstruct that light a bit more, but not totally.

Of course, you need not worry if your lip gloss or lipstick happens to have SPF protection.  However, you may want to buy a fresh tube since sunscreen in that lip product may have lost its effectiveness since you originally bought it.

What else that you can do is to buy is a lip balm with SPF to layer under your lipsticks. This is another way that you can keep your lips safe. Just from your same old stash of lipsticks, you can get a multitude of new lip color looks simply by sheering them out.  Be as creative as you like to use one shade or several colors to change at will like a chameleon!  

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Recipe: My Delicious Mediterranean Tuna-Bean Salad is Another Ideal Light, Make-Ahead Summer Meal!

 Mediterranean Tuna-Bean Salad.jpeg
My Mediterranean Tuna-Bean Salad is no-work, delicious, cool when it's hot, and can free up a summer day!

Instead of being cooped up in your kitchen around a hot stove cooking, I have a wonderful light meal that you can use also as a side dish that is perfect to make ahead and enjoy later with fresh vegetables. Another nice thing about my recipe is that it is perfect to take with you for a lunch at work. 

My Mediterranean Tuna-Bean Salad is easy, protein packed with hardly any fat while being absolutely delicious and bursting with flavor from sweet Vidalia onions, oregano, a little garlic, lemon juice, and red wine vinegar flattering tuna and white beans.  

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Select Great Tasting, Figure and Skin Beneficial Melons!

smiling beautiful woman with a piece of watermelon.jpeg
This beauty knows and appreciates the benefits of eating melons!

Fresh melons are abundant right now and friends of your figure, skin, and overall health with all their vitamins and minerals that they provide.  However, they can be confusing when you are trying to pick out a good one.  

When you are looking for a ripe watermelon, you want one that has more of a nice, uniform shape and a creamy yellow underside.  Those that are all green in color haven't fully ripened.  The bit of yellow at the bottom is a sign that the melon had a chance to better mature for as long as it sat on the ground.  Another sign of sweetness is looking for marks where a bee might have stung it.  Some people like to tap their melon to tell if it is ripe.  I never had much luck with that method, but my friend swears by it.  If you hit that watermelon and hear somewhat of a hollow sound, then this is another indicator of a good melon.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why Your Choice of Workout Shoe Can Either Help Or Hinder Your Weight Loss Efforts!

woman jogging in fitness clothes and workout sneakers.jpeg
This beauty knows a comfortable fit can help her extend her run or workout.

If you want to perfect your body and get in shape, then you might be thinking about new sneakers.  Despite a hefty price of the style that you like, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, you could be shortchanging yourself from your best workout in ill-fitting shoes. 

You want a shoe that gives you ample toe room through all that moving that you’re going to do.  After all, you don’t want your toes banging against the front of the shoe if the toe box is too short or too angled.  Instead, give yourself a little extra room to take that impact from all those varied movements.  

How much extra toe room is enough? A good length to aim for is a size about the width of your thumb.  A broader toe box also is a better bet for comfort through your workout because the toes won’t be pressed so closely together as a more angled toe box.

Shoes that have leather steppers are always better for feet since they allow them to breathe more over synthetic materials, which hold sweat in.  

Be sure to always shop dressing the sore areas of your feet such as corns, bunions, heels, etc. before you buy that shoe. The shoe may fit differently with your protective wear or that bandage with adhesive tape that you will be wearing through your workout than just trying the shoe on without them.  

You may think these few pointers don’t amount to much-–that is until you do your workout.  Your feet will thank you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

For Real Change That You Can See, Lighten Up Dark Under Eye Circles From Within!

partial woman's face with dark circles standing near a fence.jpeg
Natural darkness can be improved, if you know where to start.
Under eye darkness really can be depressing when you look at yourself in the mirror.  Though you can’t prevent the hand that heredity may have dealt you with how your body reacts to allergens, stress, or even processes the nutrients from foods you eat for playing a part in developing dark circles, there is another solution besides concealers and eye creams with vitamin K or caffeine to free up that trapped blood lurking beneath.

Instead of just working on the outside to mask the problem, you might want to try working on the inside as well.   What I suggest is to supply the body with plenty of the nutrients it needs to strengthen blood vessel walls from leaking to that delicate eye area through eating more antioxidant rich foods.

Berries such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, and blackberries are excellent sources. Pomegranates, dark varieties of grapes, pecans, almonds, legumes, sweet potatoes, dark green vegetables, and parsley are just some others that can help build up the structure of blood vessel tissue.

Drinking more water to flush out toxins and keeping the blood circulating more freely also does seem to help. 

My allergic shiners are still there, but I am noticing my under eye area has brightened somewhat since starting this. Mary is happier that I now added more antioxidants to my day with the improvement I have had so far.  Try it yourself and hopefully, your own under eye darkness brightens up your look and mood as it is doing for me!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why You May Want to Pay More Attention to Detoxifying Agents in Anti-Aging Creams When It Comes to Looking Younger!

wrinkled portion of a woman's face.jpeg
Taking preventative steps is important.

You may be thinking that you’re doing everything possible to beat the aging clock with the latest anti-aging skin care products.  Even though you are vigilant and slather on plenty of beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, what if I told you that there may be even more that you can do by firing up a certain enzyme called proteasome.  

What this particular enzyme is able to do is remarkable in how it can deep clean and repair cell damage from accumulated oxidized proteins that age us over time.  

When you are scanning those anti-aging creams and serums for ingredients, you might keep a close eye out for ingredients like alpha longoza, tocopherol (vitamin E), phaeodactylum algae extract, and amino lumine that can help speed up protesasome production to trigger that desired skin response that we all hope to see.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Korres Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette Review–A Delicious Way to Get Your Sweets!

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Korres Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette.jpeg
Korres Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette

Modern Greek Apothecary, Korres, came out with some lovely natural fragrances to tempt us with like this darkly luscious fragrance that arrived for this review.  Imagine the sweetness of a gourmand and the haunting notes of a woody-floral in perfect harmony is how I would describe their new Black Sugar Oriental Lilly Violet Eau de Toilette.

This fragrance opens deliciously with its sweetness.  Yet, it is not overdone but more of a sprinkling of sugar to coat the lily, which adds a delectable quality to balance the floral along with a splash of inviting vanilla.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Most Effective Foods to Help Your Complexion Thrive!

salmon dish with vegetables.jpeg
Your food choices play a definite role in the health of your skin.

Some people are born with great genes that give them a perfect complexion while others battle with skin conditions.  Though the body’s chemical makeup plays an important role, food choices also contribute a lot toward what the skin looks like.  If you want to give your complexion a fighting chance, then you need to start eating more of the following foods.

A small amount of protein at every meal is essential since it has amino acids of L-lysine and L-proline for collagen development.  When you don’t have enough protein, your skin suffers, losing that plumpness that leads to wrinkling.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another Makeup Trick You’ll Love to Know When You Use Too Much Powder Blush or Bronzer!

blushes and brush.jpeg
We learn by our mistakes, but if you can avoid them even better!

Though it is never intentional, makeup blunders happen.  I have made more makeup mistakes than I like to admit, but we do learn by them.  Earlier, I shared an easy way to tone down too strong cheeks when using powder blushes or bronzers with this great blush adjusting tipToday, I want to fill you in on another way that I also found helpful, especially if you hate using too much loose face powder.  

However, it does require having extra clean brushes ready.  All that you need to do is to grab a clean blush or powder brush and take it to where all the heavy pigment landed.  Dust some off and then grab a tissue or clean washcloth and wipe as much of the blush or bronzer as you can off.  Keep on swiping a second time into a fresh tissue or clean section of the washcloth to further lighten your mistake.  You can do as many swipes with that brush to mop what you need until you get the desired effect!

Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Fix Hair Serum Overload When You Are in a Rush and Need Beautiful Hair!

frustrated woman with packing tape attached to her greasy hair.jpeg
This beauty will never experience this problem again now that she knows the fix.

Perhaps, you started a new brand of hair serum.  You apply some just as you would normally like your last brand, but somehow it doesn’t add the same amount of gloss.  Frustrated now, you decide to apply just a little more, hoping it would finally provide that glistening shine that you were promised. The only problem is instead of making your hair look better, but you got the opposite.  Your hair now looks greasy.  So what are your options?

You might be tempted to give yourself a fresh wet or dry shampoo and start all over, but you are short on time.  Still, there is a quick way to get that rid of that slickness that you may not have thought of–-hair spray!  
Hair spray can get that greasy gunk out of your strands because of its ability to absorb oil.  However, the only variety that is capable of the job is a non-aerosol pump spray since the product won’t instantly evaporate like the fine mist that aerosols deliver.

The next time you find yourself in this predicament, the easiest thing to do is to divide your hair in sections and then spray one area at a time.  Before you move on, take out your hair dryer and blast it for about a minute or so.  This does help clean up the hair very nicely.

I hope that you don’t need to use this hair tip, but it is good to know just in case this does happen.  To prevent this hair tragedy in the first place, you might want to read my earlier post on how best to apply hair serums.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beauty Box 5 June 2016 Review

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Beauty Box 5 June 2016.jpeg
Beauty Box 5 June 2016 ($54.62 value!)

The other day my mailman brought me my new Beauty Box 5.  This month’s theme from the monthly beauty subscription is Made in the Shade with five cool beauty products to keep gorgeous this summer.

If the name is still new to you, then let me briefly fill you in on how Beauty Box 5 works.  Each box has five full and sample size items from cosmetics, skin and hair care, fragrance, tools to nails products for just $12 a month with free shipping.  The price can go even lower, depending on how long you want to commit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Help Minimize Your Contact With Poison Ivy!

poison ivy.jpeg
Poison ivy doesn't require direct contact before you develop it.

Some people don’t necessarily need direct contact with a poison ivy plant itself to develop it.  My mother happens to be one of those people.  Once she was just tending her small garden, not among bushes or wild foliage when it later struck.  Apparently poison ivy’s resin managed to carry in the wind or weather to transfer itself to whatever she was touching among her plants.

Ever since that episode, we always made it a habit to immediately wash exposed skin with Fels-Napa, the laundry soap bar that you also can use to treat stains.  In addition, we also wash all gardening tools afterwards with a soap solution as an extra safety precaution.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Get the Most Protection From Your Sunscreen If You Intend to Stay Safe!

woman in sihouette admiring the sun at the beach.jpeg
This beauty feels good that she is properly prepared to keep safe in the sun.

Having practically a full bottle of last year’s sunscreen around does not mean that you should use it this year.  Sunscreens expire even though the formula may seem the same consistency as the last time that you applied it.  If you intend to safeguard yourself from the damaging effects of the sun, then replace it.

Before you plan on spending much time outdoors in direct sunlight, be sure to properly lube yourself up at least a half hour before.  The recommended amount that you should be going for is about an ounce of it.  An easy way to calculate this is pouring some water into a measuring cup will help you approximate the amount needed.  

By all means, do not leave your sunscreen in your hot car,  some patio table or next to you when you go to the beach, etc. where the sun can beat down on it.  Doing this will only break down the formula as you gently cook it through that powerful heat.  Instead, keep it in a cooler, insulated bag or styrofoam container with some ice packs to guard that formula so that it can keep you safe!  

No, ice packs on hand?  Try improvising.  You can always make your own by saving a clean bottle or jar then filling half way with water to freeze.  Peanut butter jars are great to pack in your insulated bag or cooler to keep food as well as that sunscreen in good shape.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

What You Need to Know About Natural Bristle Makeup Brushes That Can Help Before You Buy

huge row of makeup brushes.jpeg
A well-dressed face needs the right tools to help get the look you want.

Despite the best cosmetics you may have on hand, if don’t have the right tools to help perfect your application, then you are cheating yourself from looking even better as well as risking contamination to those expensive products when fingers are all you use.  Thus, a quality set of makeup brushes can help take those cosmetics one step further and practically alter your appearance in whatever way you wish when you know what you are looking for.
Natural bristle brushes can have goat, squirrel, pony, badger, sable or a combination of hairs and fall in all price ranges.   However, the more luxurious ones are usually the most costly ones of pure sable or blue squirrel.  Why are these so pricey?

The reason those particular hairs are so desired is due to how well their graduated pattern of hairs cling to powders that much easier.  Their cuticles have the ability to best absorb those types of cosmetics for ideal transfer to your face or eyes like any true makeup artist!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

**WIN**Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Sinus Relief Pillow, Citrus Facial Cleanser and Balancing Toner Review + ($37) Giveaway!–Ends June 30, 2016

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Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Sinus Relief Pillow, Citrus Facial Cleanser and Balancing Toner.jpeg
Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Sinus Relief Pillow, Citrus Facial Cleanser and Balancing Toner

Taking the simplest approach to health and beauty can surprise you with a powerhouse of ingredients that originated in nature.  A company that understands how to draw upon the vast resources of herbs with luxury organic personal care products is Brittanie’s Thyme, all women-owned with headquarters in Cedar Springs, MI. The products are formulated by CEO, Nancy Metzger, a talented esthetician that truly knows her herbs if what I have tried for this review and giveaway are any example of what the rest of their line is like. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Recipe: You Won’t Miss Taste, Only Calories With My Creamy, Low-Cal Italian Salad Dressing!

plate of my Creamy, Low-Cal Italian Salad Dressing.jpeg
 A delicious plate of my Creamy, Low-Cal Italian Salad Dressing!

Though extremely appetizing, creamy salad dressings often can have more calories in a few tablespoons that a total meal.  Of course, you can always have the option of dipping a dry salad just for the lightest way to eat it.  Nonetheless, it isn’t the same.  But, what if I told you that the recipe that I have for you is more friendly for your diet and will fool your taste with its satisfying creaminess, spices and herbs while being more nourishing with cottage cheese in the base at the same time?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Very Oily Complexions Would Appreciate This Blush Trick for Better Wear!

Mineral Fusion blush in my hand.jpeg
If your blush keeps ending up in an oily section, try this trick because it will help.

My complexion used to be a lot oiler than it is now so I understand how frustrating it can be trying to wear makeup without looking greasy an hour or two later.   Yesterday, I shared some makeup tips on how to stay fresher longer if you have too much oil in your complexion.  If excessively oily skin is your problem, I neglected to give you this blush trick that can help with staying power and any problems you might have if you’ve been experiencing powder blush always managing to cling to your oily spots.

Instead of just applying the powder blush directly over your foundation before dusting with loose powder, you might want to try a little of the powder first and then sweeping on the blush before finishing with more loose powder over it and the rest of your face as usual.   

Since you might be breaking out due to the oil or acne, you also might want to check your blush ingredients for D & C red dyes.  Those particular dyes clog follicles that can only make the skin worse so you may want to replace your current blush as well.

I hope this helps you as much as it did me when I was suffering with that type of complexion.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Makeup Tips to Help Those With Oily Complexions Keep Looking Fresh!

makeup assortment of products.jpeg
Making the right choices of products can be all it takes to look fresh longer.

If you happen to have an oily complexion or acne, you don’t want the cosmetics that you use to call attention to it.  Instead, you want them to work to your advantage.  Let me show you a few tips that can make a difference.

When deciding on foundations, you want to avoid oil-based products since they will only add more oil to the skin and you don’t want that.  A better alternative of liquid foundation is an oil-free or matte-finish one. Mineral makeup is another possibility since it won’t worsen acne. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Next Time That Your Beauty Gets Compromised by a Cold Sore, Try This Natural DIY Lemon Balm Treatment!

lemon balm plants.jpeg
Lemon Balm
Cold sores are not only painful, but ugly once those tiny blisters take over a mouth.  In my case, they always liked to appear when you have something important scheduled like a dentist appointment or a big date.  

Of course, you can’t control when cold sores pop up since they are caused by a virus, the herpes simplex virus to be exact, but you can take several steps in limiting how long it stays.

The herpes simplex virus has to have arginine for reproducing in your system.  This basic amino acid is found in most proteins.  However, you can try counteracting the arginine from multiplying by taking a lysine supplement only while you have the cold sore and if not on medication.  You might want to try a 1000mg. lysine tablet twice or as much as three times a day, but no more.  You may want to check with your doctor first.  

Another way is using lemon balm.  If you have a garden, this is an easy herb to grow that is quite useful for help healing cold sores.  What you can do is dry some leaves (about three teaspoons) to later brew a tea in one cup of boiling water, not to drink but to dab on the cold sore with cotton balls once it cools.  You don’t have to keep making fresh cups for each treatment, but keep using this same one that day.  

If you don’t have the fresh herb handy, you could always try lemon balm essential oil better known as pure melissa essential oil. Also, you need to use a carrier oil like grape seed or jojoba oil to safely dilute it.  Use one drop of the melissa essential oil to a teaspoon of your carrier oil.  Again, you might want to check with your doctor if you have any health condition or on medications to see if this is safe for you. 

Having cold sores is no fun.  Nonetheless, if it happens to you and those drugstore remedies aren’t doing much to end this misery, what I shared is worth trying because it did help me.  Take care and I promise that you’ll be smiling with a pretty mouth again in no time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Best Ways to Protect and Deal With Mosquito Bites to Stay Beautiful and Healthy!

mosquito on leaf.jpeg
Protect yourself because the effects of mosquitos are far from beautiful.  

Warm weather is a wonderful change from freezing temperatures for many of us that have winter to deal with.  However, it also means it’s mosquito season.  Itching from a bite was never pleasant, but it also can have serious health effects or even death once a mosquito gets a taste of you.  This year, we need to be especially careful now that Zika is on the rise.

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and family is to get rid of standing water around your home and property since this is where mosquitos breed.  Did you know that one mosquito can lay 250 eggs at a time that can hatch anywhere from 7 to 15 days?  Therefore, don’t give them a chance by dumping rain water that may have accumulated in any open containers or covering what you can.  Below are some tips for you.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Here’s More Great Makeup Advice for Better Counteracting Darkness Under the Eye!

Woman with under eye darkness hiding part of her face behind a door.jpeg
This beauty won't be hiding that lovely face now that she's aware of these concealer tips.

Whether you blame that darkness under your eyes from lack of sleep, heredity, too much sun exposure that causes the discoloration from melanin that is released, the aging process due to thinner skin in the area with fewer deposits of fat and collagen that formerly hid the blood vessels or allergies, it is one of the biggest problems most of us complain about.  

Living with allergies over the years has forced me to become somewhat of an expert in the art of concealment.  What I am sharing with you is through my accumulated experience of what worked the best in my case.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Recipe: You Might Want to Try My Easy Tuna Salad for a Cool Meal Solution When the Temperatures Heat Up!

plate of my Easy Tuna Salad.jpeg
My Easy Tuna Salad
The warmer the weather gets, the less that you want to be stuck inside the house around a hot stove cooking.  With the recipe that I am sharing with you today, you can make ahead a delicious and cool, main dish salad with hardly much effort to enjoy later while you take advantage of beautiful weather.

Basically, the only work involved is boiling up your eggs and macaroni and chopping the onion and celery. What more could a busy woman ask?

My Easy Tuna Salad comes to life thanks to the tasty combination of just a little soy sauce and red wine vinegar to your basic salad dressing along with green beans, onions and celery among its ingredients.   A few tablespoons of milk help keep the mix moist without the need for lubricating the salad with more salad dressing.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Why Bananas Can Help You Fit Better in Some of Your Clothes!

bananas against a blue-gray background.jpeg
This fruit may be a woman's best friend.

Dieting and weight loss takes work and commitment. However, bananas not only provide potassium that helps deal with muscle cramps after all the exercising that you find yourself doing lately, but also prevents you from retaining water.  

Since the mineral flushes the sodium out of your system, you will notice less bloating when you look at yourself in the mirror.  The effect of what this fruit can do is temporary, but you will feel slimmer and svelte while it lasts.  It also can help lower blood pressure as it rids your body of that sodium.

Another way that making bananas a regular part of your diet can help you feel thinner is due to all the fiber this fruit has.  Of all the fruits, only apples have more fiber to keep you regulated.  When you step on that scale, you will weigh less with help from those bananas.  In the process, the added fiber it provides will keep you better protected from developing colon cancer.

Also, a banana is one fruit that is kind to your teeth’s enamel unlike citrus choices that can break it down through their acids.  Other health-related issues such as high cholesterol, stomach ulcers to boosted brain power and stress could also possibly be helped.

Therefore, get more bananas and stock up on potassium-rich foods to better maintain that new attractive silhouette! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

How Would You Like a DIY Normalizing Facial Mask That Tones, Revives and Moisturizes All Complexions Like a Charm?

woman laying on her back about to get a facial treatment.jpeg
This beauty knows what a little skin pampering can do for benefitting the skin and mind.

Playing with natural ingredients to concoct your own beauty mask may seem messy or hardly worth the time. Yet, the end result of what you can create in your kitchen for your skin and hair can surprise you since it can often be just as good or even better than some of the commercial products that you may have used. 

With this normalizing recipe, you can revive a lackluster complexion, gently remove dead skin, tighten pores while feeding it with nutrients and soothing moisture.  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Introducing the LovePendants Collection by Robert Leser--Symbols Pendant Review

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Symbols Green Quartz Pendant in yellow vermeil from the LovePendants Collection by Robert Leser.jpeg
My Symbols Green Quart Pendant in yellow vermeil with metallic engraving ($268)

An easy way to evaluate your style is with the right piece of jewelry like the lovely Symbols Pendant award-winning jewelry designer, Robert Leser sent me from his new LovePendants Collection of natural gemstone jewelry.  If you aren’t familiar with his work, he is the talent behind the Color Story and the Blue Nile jewelry collections.

What is distinctive about his latest collection is that you pick a style of pendant, charm or a bracelet along with a natural gemstone, metal choice and use either words or symbols to customize it with engraving.  The process to create an individualized piece is easy.

For example, I decided on my gemstone choice first from their list. Green Quartz seemed like a winning choice after reading about its metaphysical properties of healing, helping with creativity and attracting prosperity.  With all that going for this stone, how could yours truly resist?   

Though those chunky, oversized necklaces are around everyone’s necks now, I do think that a delicate necklace can be timeless with the right outfit, despite what fashion critics may say.  From my choices of metal, I selected the yellow vermeil since it was the closest to gold.  It measures 16 to 18-inches and has a lobster claw clasp.  You can order a border to frame the stone, but I wanted nothing like a frame to compete with the stone.

Being the romantic that I am, I went with the heart in the Symbols choice.  To me, the design, engraved in my preference of metallic engraving, said a lot more through its simplicity than words. 

Once my finished Symbols Green Quartz Pendant in yellow vermeil ($268) arrived, I did fall in love with the charming delicacy that it had when placed around my neck.  Though I am not superstitious, this pendant with its supposed metaphysical powers might just stay around my neck while I give it a thorough testing to do its thing, in the name of research, of course.  

Seriously though, the LovePendants Collection by Robert Leser is a nice way to immortalize a feeling, a person, a cause, etc. through a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Do check the company’s website out!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Beautiful Way to Save Time and Eliminate the Frantic Morning Rush That Only Ages YOU!

Angry woman pointing her finger.jpeg
Anger and frustration can speed up aging.

Mornings can be chaotic when you have everyone leaving the house at the same time causing more stress than we need.  Besides raising blood pressure exerting needless energy hurrying through preparing breakfast, packing lunches, dressing, and seeing that each family member has what they need for the day before walking out the front door can exhaust the body and mind. It also can make us use facial muscles to bring about earlier wrinkling if done often enough.  However, a few changes to your morning routine can be all it takes to stop that unhealthy, aging cycle.